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Super Fly DIY: Abstract Art with Chalk

What is abstract art? So here’s the deal. Abstract art doesn’t try to represent an actual recognizable image—it’s too cool for that. Instead, artists that work in abstraction utilize random shapes, colors or any sort of forms or marks to achieve the desired look. This look that abstract artists are going for is more of a feeling the piece gives the viewer. Think of this type of art as a mood ring for you wall—it’s personal and up for interpretation.

Abstract Art for the Nursery from The Land of NodWilly Nilly by Jaime Rovenstine from The Land of Nod

Chic abstract art is an easy win in the modern nursery space below. The navy accent wall and white furniture and decor get a pop of fun color with a large statement-making painting!

Modern Nursery with Abstract Artimage from Apartment Therapy

It’s easy to add some cool factor to a more traditional nursery by utilizing the right piece of abstract art. This gorgeous space by Little Crown Interiors is a perfect example. The painting above the crib gives the space an unexpected and stylish twist on the classic. The look is super chic!

Traditional Girls Nursery with Abstract Artimage from Little Crown Interiors

Take a look at the video below to see one way to make your own abstract art with chalk, water and paper! It’s so fun to do and super easy on the wallet! This is an easy DIY for grown-ups but also a simple, fun rainy day project to do with the little ones! Go on, get creative!