Family Photo Walls

As a mother of four children, I am acutely aware of how fast “time flies.” Trying to keep the photo frames updated through the years seems impossible. When we recently were updating our family room, I wanted to create photo walls that embraced our family lifestyle. I cannot tell you how much fun looking at photos can be!

Photo Wall behind bedimage via Casa Sugar

I like combining photos from the past with photos from the present day. A photo wall can change the whole “vibe” of the room.

Photo Wall in Playroomimage via Mindy Newton Photography

It is also a great way to engage others in your life. Don’t you love browsing through other people’s family photos when you’re a guest in their home?

Entire Wall Photograph image via Lil Sugar

Photo walls also make for great “collage” art. They bring life into the room.

Photo Collage on Wallimage via The Boo and The Boy

Choose a room in your house to fill with your favorite family images. No more tucking your photos into albums. Create a unique family story that belongs to you.

Enlarged Family Photoimage via London Family Style

Consider creating your own custom photo wallpaper, or try engineer prints for a less perfect but more affordable option. How do you display your family photos?


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    I love that blown-up single photo of the three kids. I’d love something like that. It’s dramatic without making the wall look too busy and all over the place.

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    I have always wanted to fill my shelves with photo frames because I love our pictures. But to blow them up into wallpapers is a different story.

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