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School Zone Little Scholar Tablet for Kids

What are your feelings on screen time? Do you strictly forbid it at all costs or do you see its virtues for places like airplanes, long car trips or doctor’s offices? If you do tend to hand over your phone or tablet in these times of parental desperation, we wanted to let you know about a new tablet designed just for kids, the School Zone Little Scholar, which makes it easy to tailor the app selection for your child with educational content without the worry of them exploring something they shouldn’t on your device.

School Zone Little Scholar Android Tablet for Kids

The early learning android tablet comes preloaded with $350 of content, including exclusive content from “Charlie and Company” Program Series, along with educational apps, songs and more for children pre-school through first grade. It’s available for pre-sale now.

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  1. avatar Zen says:

    I have just read that babies below 2 should not be allowed to play with tablets. Here’s the link to the article:

  2. avatar Ginger says:

    I’ve got the Leapfrog Explorer. The best toy for kids in my book so far.

  3. avatar Daffodil says:

    Same goes for me, too. I let them use and play with my gadgets. There are games there that are appropriate for kids. Anything to keep them busy and occupied so they won’t bug me about getting bored or so they don’t get on each others hair.

  4. avatar Donna says:

    Nice. It would be nice to have my iPad all to myself!

  5. avatar Ariella says:

    Don’t make me feel like I’m a bad mom if I tell you we don’t screen our kid’s play time on the iPad. :p

  6. avatar Jillian Scotts says:

    My kids are free to use the table or the phones and use them. My husband and I have downloaded kid-friendly games that they can play.