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Bright Ideas for Rainy Day Decor

We don’t know about you, but the holiday season brought some gloomy and rainy days for us here in Los Angeles. Now that we’re well into January, the skies are clearing up, and we got to thinking about all the things we actually like about the rain. Rainy days don’t always mean gloom and doom; for children, they mean play-days in raincoats and galoshes, splashing and jumping in puddles. So why not bring some of that fun (minus the actual water) into the nursery?

Some sweet art prints with bright colors could definitely brighten up any gloomy day.

Let’s Fish Now” and “Fish in Umbrella” by Sonia Poli

A fun modern and whimsical take on lighting would be a great addition to a nursery seeking some chic style.

Umbrella Pendant, Table Lamp and Floor Lamp

This bright throw pillow is made out of rain-slicker yellow!

Empire Yellow Pillow by BlissLiving

This beautiful set of crib bedding by Oilo Studio has a subtle raindrop effect in oh-so-pretty aqua blue.

Raindrops Crib Bedding by Oilo Studio

This crazy cool clock is not only charming but incorporates laser cut wood, which we love!

Rain Drop Clock by Iluxo


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  1. avatar savage seeds says:

    Adorable prints & lamps!

  2. avatar Gina says:

    It’s the raindrops bedding that got me. so refreshing and cool!

  3. I must say that the raindrop clock is amazing. Simple to look at yet the details are interesting.

  4. avatar Alison Mar says:

    Those umbrella lamps are to die for. I could just imagine what you could do with it!

  5. avatar Sam Simon says:

    These are great!

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  7. avatar PN_Melisa says:

    What terrific finds. I love this theme and besides, it’s raining here in NYC now so it’s oh so appropriate.