Iron Cribs: From Old World to New

I’ve always been a big fan of iron cribs. There’s something regal and timeless about them. Years ago, you could only own an iron crib if you wanted to spend thousands of dollars on one, but luckily, thanks to some talented designers and retailers, there are tons of options—in style and price!

I used Bratt Decor’s Venetian Crib in my first daugter’s nursery. I loved how the four posts could be used with or without the cross bar, and if I didn’t want the height at all, I could remove the posts as well. Options are always good.

Mod Vintage Room Pink Nursery

I loved how the Venetian Crib didn’t look as feminine as some of the other iron options, and with its slate, pewter and gold color choices, it would work in any nursery! Here’s a few of my other favorite options out there.

Bratt Decor’s J’Adore Crib-Cradle actually converts from a cradle to a crib! How cute would it be to use as a cradle to hold stuffed animals, toys, etc. in the big kid room later?

I also love Bratt Decor’s Chelsea Lifetime Iron Crib. It converts from crib to full-sized headboard and footboard.

Pottery Barn Kid’s Emma Iron Crib has a timeless appeal!

Restoration Hardware’s Augusta Iron Canopy Crib has an upholstered headboard and footboard (perfect for a baby boy).

Pay attention Kate Middleton—this Scalloped Iron Crib is definitely fit for a prince or a princess!


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    I would personally go for Pottery Barn Kid’s Emma Iron Crib because it’s very simple yet very stylish. But I have to admit that these are all wonderful selections!

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    I absolutely adore the Chelsea Lifetime Iron Crib. Also, I liked the Scalloped Iron Crib as it is all very regal, but I didn’t like everything else in the picture as they made the crib look like a mess.

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    Indeed. iron cribs remind me of the classic old days, the days of our grandmothers and their grandmothers. That’s exactly the reason why I don’t like them too much. I don’t know why , but I look at them and remember old, haunted houses. Could have triggered an eerie feeling from a past life. LOL.

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    Hi there. I am wondering if you still own the Venetian Crib by Bratt Decor. I am in the process of looking for a crib and I fell in LOVE with this crib on someone’s Pinterest (they had your bedding in the crib as well!), but unfortunately the crib is now discontinued and I can’t find it anywhere.
    [email protected]

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