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Eco-Modern Design Is Spot On



I may be aging myself here but I remember going on weekly trips to the grocery store with my mother and staring at the tiny section of organic produce, thinking to myself, “why would anyone want these less then perfect veggies?” Across the aisle were heaps and heaps of produce that looked pumped up to perfection. We all know the irony behind that one. Organic products have certainly become more mainstream these days and lots of eco-friendly products have hit the market. Today, being green doesn’t mean sacrificing on style or appearance. Take children’s furniture company Spot On Square for example. They launched their eco-friendly line of modern children’s furniture and decor in 2007 and have been on a mission to bring eco-conscious, quality furniture to modern families. I think they have nailed the right mix of functionality, style and safety. Gotta say the price is right too! Check out the cool orange rocker and simple yet chic Hiya Shelving.


Larry Sienfeld

Friday 13th of November 2009

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