Finley’s Aqua, Pink, Gold, and White Big Girl Room

  • Pink_Aqua_Mint_White-Gold_girls_room1/10
  • Peony_Dresser_decor_pink_aqua_mint_aqua2/10
  • Gold_Heart_Decals3/10
  • White_Pink_Teal_Gold_Girl_Room4/10
  • Behr_Cook_Jazz5/10
  • Todder_Room_Shelf6/10
  • Teal_Pink_Mint_White_Gold_Girls_Room7/10
  • Flower_Wall_Art8/10
  • Girls_Room_Wall_Decor_teal_pink9/10
  • Mint_Aqua_Pink_Gold_White_Girls_Room10/10


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Project Details

Paint color is Behr Cool Jazz

Favorite Items

We really do love everything about this room; from the colors, to the accents and wall art.

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