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Sammy’s Sprinkles 3rd Birthday Party


For Sammy's 3rd birthday we created a sprinkles themed party.

Design Inspiration

I saw confetti balloons on Pinterest ( and they sparked a bunch of ideas for a sprinkles party. I found a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest, which I pinned to this board.

Decorating Style

Clean and bright with lots of details.

Project Details

We started with the confetti balloons, which we did ourselves. We cut circles out of 5 colors of tissue paper, and stuffed them into clear balloons (from Zurchers) before filling them with helium. The trick to get the confetti to not just pool in the bottom of the balloon is to rub it on the carpet to create static electricity which makes the confetti stick to the sides of the balloons. We purchased the garland, as well as the party hats and the plates at Target. We bought little pom poms at Michael's which we hot glued to the tops of the party hats. The cake stand we purchased for Sammy's 2nd birthday party from and reused it. (They no longer sell this exact one.) I made the from scratch funfetti cupcakes, which we topped with marshmallow frosting and chocolate cake balls rolled in a custom sprinkles mix I found on etsy ( We did a rainbow fruit tray, sprinkle-dipped marshmallow pops, striped paper straws, and sugar cookies with sprinkles.

Favorite Items

I loved the way the cupcakes turned out with the sprinkle cake balls. The confetti balloons were darling as well.


This was a great party theme because there were so many cute things to make or buy that weren't that complicated (like the ones I normally try to make!). There are links to DIY most of the ideas I used on the PInterest Board I referenced above.