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Design Reveal

Surprise Room Makeover Reveal

Girl's Room Gallery Wall

My nine-year-old daughter Stella just spent her second summer at overnight camp, and she left with one request: “Please redo my room!” Just like the story of the shoemaker’s child, since I’m in the children’s design business, my kids’ rooms are not always the projects I feel like tackling in my downtime. […]



Hats Off—or Should We Say On—for Cooler Temps

Personalized Winter Hat - The Project Nursery Shop

The temperatures are finally starting to drop out there, much to my delight. I love fall weather. As soon as it drops below 65, I’m breaking out the cozy sweaters, scarves and hats. It’s the perfect weather for apple picking and pumpkin patches and plenty of adorable photo ops of baby’s firsts. […]


Children's Parties, Holidays

Best of Halloween for Wee Ones

DIY Candy Apple Kits

Once you have kids of your own, it’s pretty easy to understand why they love Halloween so much. It’s that one magical day of the year when they get to wear elaborate costumes that transform them into princesses, superheroes, witches, ghosts or animals. […]


Clothing, Holidays

A Perfect Pair: Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas

Sibling Halloween Costumes

There is not much cuter than a couple of siblings dressed in coordinating costumes. Generally, the older sibling makes the call and you find a complementing costume for baby. But let me tell you a secret…


Bedding, Room Decor

Quilts for the Nursery—Old Style, New Trend!

Rag Crib Quilt from Southern Charm Quilts on Etsy

Let’s be real—you know you have a quilt. It’s tucked up in your closet or folded over a chair in your guest room, but there’s just something about it that keeps you from tossing it. […]



Step Foot into the Pages of a Catalog

RH Baby and Child Greenwich, CT

RH Baby & Child is one of my go-to sources when shopping and designing for baby. And when I say go-to, I mean go to look at their website or go to look at the catalog, but if you live in the northeast, like I do, you’re one step closer to being able to browse in person. […]