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DIY Modern Herringbone Accent Wall - Project Nursery

Gallery Roundup: Herringbone Accent Walls

Our gallery is full of amazing accent walls featuring everything from wallpaper to stencils to decals to hand-painted murals, and we can't get enough! There's nothing quite like it to make a statement in your space, and the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a style, color palette and pattern. While we think accent walls are here to stay, trends in patterns are ever-changing, and recently we've spotted some nurseries with stunning herringbone accent walls in the gallery. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Bonne Nuit Nursery Word Art

Put it in Writing: Nursery Word Art

You know, even after completing over 100 design projects for nurseries and children's rooms, it's still a challenge to find just the right artwork for each space we create. That's no surprise to us because artwork is so very personal. One thing we've used time and again, that's absolutely not a trend, is nursery word art—it's truly timeless. It has been stylish for many years, and it's still holding very strong, especially when it comes to cute, colorful and appropriately sentimental prints for nurseries.

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Tree Decals from Wallconsilia

Giveaway: Custom Wall Decal from Wallconsilia

There are so many things to take into consideration when you're designing a nursery, and cost and commitment often top the list (at least for me). It's so easy to fall in love with statement-making wallpaper or a stunning piece of art only to find out that the price tag would max out your credit card. And since babies are always growing with ever-changing interests and preferences, perhaps it's best to pick something that you can easily change.

Wall decals are such a smart way to give your little one's space a dramatic transformation. Wallconsilia offers beautifully designed wall decals that are budget-friendly, easy to use and completely customizable. One Project Nursery reader will win a fully customized wall decal design from Wallconsilia (a $100-$150 value).

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