We’re Celebrating National Babywearing Week with Baby K’tan

Baby K'tan

All you babywearing mamas, raise your hands! I’m over here raising both hands! Babywearing literally saved me as a mother when I had my second child. He was that kid! The kid that won’t be put down and wanted to be held all the time. […]


All the Benefits of a Wrap without Actually Having to Wrap

Baby K'tan Breeze

Baby K’tan created a carrier that allows you to achieve the feel and coziness of a wrap without actually having to wrap! Can you believe it? […]


“Fun in the Sun” Summer Giveaway: Part 1

Summer Giveaway Prizes

Team Project Nursery and Stroller Traffic are officially declaring it summer! To kick off the season, we’ve curated a list of all of our must-have items. […]