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Watercolor Rainbow Nursery


I've always loved the idea of a rainbow nursery, but after losing our first pregnancy last year, this theme felt so fitting and perfect for our rainbow baby girl. She has brought so much hope to our lives despite the uncertainty of COVID! This is now my favorite room in the house, and it was honestly a dream come true to put this space together. 🙂 I’m looking forward to spending many hours in here snuggling with our daughter once she arrives in September!

I started designing the room around the rainbow mural, which I made in Adobe Illustrator. The mural is now available for download on Etsy! It turned out even better that way because I could customize the colors and the size to fit the wall! And the project ended up being half the cost – win! From there, I filled in the rest of the space with warm whites, natural textures like woven baskets and bamboo frames, and colors pulled from the rainbow mural.

We decided to skip a changing table and use that space for a daybed instead. My mom will be staying with us for a month after the baby is born, and she’ll be able to sleep in here while the baby sleeps in our room. I think it will also come in handy for long nights so that either my husband or I can catch some sleep while the other parent is up with the baby. I hope we’ll spend many hours of reading books together here, too! 🙂

Since we don’t have a changing table with drawers, I worked hard to maximize the storage space in the nursery closet. It has been nesting headquarters…I can’t even count the number of hours I’ve spent arranging and rearranging things in there! 🙂

To read more about the nursery and view a tour of the rest of our house, please check out my blog post here!

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  1. avatar Kelsey Monger says:

    Can you send link for bow organization and the behind the door storage please?

  2. avatar Liset Armas says:

    Where r the wall bar with hooks from and the clear drwer bins please?

  3. avatar Lauren says:

    What colour paint did you use and by who?

  4. avatar Klaudia says:

    Where did you find a boxes from wordrobe?

  5. avatar Cami says:

    The link for the closer drawers is no longer working. Do you know a different way to purchase/view those!?

  6. avatar Victoria says:

    Where did you find the the stuff to hang the bows on?

  7. avatar J says:

    Hi all! Door bins and unit is elfa container store

  8. avatar Jordan says:

    Hi! I love what you’ve done with this space. Where is the door storage from?

  9. avatar Kaleigh says:

    Do you have a direct link to the crib blanket. The link brings you to the wayfair site but not to the blanket!


  10. avatar Gavi Applebaum says:

    Where did you get all of the bows from? They are gorgeous!

  11. avatar Meagan says:

    Where did you get her bows?

  12. avatar Shelby says:

    Where did you get the bins on the back of the closet door?

  13. avatar Jill says:

    Where is the organization system in the closet from??

  14. avatar Jamela says:

    Hey where is the drawer organizer from ?

  15. avatar Kate says:

    The bow organizer is from IKEA – it’s called the Sunnerstra rail system. It’s linked on the blog post (included in the project description). :)

  16. avatar Nicole says:

    Can you link what you used for the bow organizer? I’m searching IKEA but I’m not real sure what I’m looking for!

  17. avatar Paige C. says:

    Where did you get the bins on the back of the closet door!!? Beautiful!

  18. avatar Paige says:

    Where did you get the bins hanging on the door?

  19. avatar Dianna says:

    Where did you get the bins hanging on the door?

  20. avatar Erica says:

    The dresser are the container from the container store they are sold individually and you choose what size you want.

  21. avatar Kate Lemmon says:

    The closet size dividers are available on Etsy here!

  22. avatar Trevor says:

    Cam you share where you purchased the floral size separators for the closet?

  23. avatar Anna says:

    You can find the rod and hooks that the bows are on at ikea! Super affordable too!! The cups that are hanging below are 0.79 cents a piece! The cups hang on metal craft carts too. Great idea for a diaper cart as well!

  24. avatar Erica says:

    Where did you find the organizer that’s in the closet?

  25. avatar Whitney owchar says:

    Where did you find that dresser at bottom of closet?

  26. avatar Kenzie says:

    I’m pretty sure they bow hangers are from IKEA!

  27. avatar Shana says:

    Same! Where did you find the items for the bow organizer?

  28. avatar Marlee says:

    Where did you find the bow orginizer??