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Boy & Girl Twins Nursery

Design Inspiration

With much excitement we are expecting a little girl and a little boy. With limited space in our home (one bedroom for the kids) I had to come up with ideas that I could use for unisex as well as space savors.

Decorating Style

Simple, Modern, & Clean. 

Project Details

 Cribs: Stokke.  These are perfect for growing babies and toddlers. They even turn into two chairs per crib in the end!


Bedding: Stokke doesn’t make cute sheets. The best option is to have a seamstress make them with fabric you choose. Eliza Chaikin Kenan, a friend of mine designs fabric and sewed these for me. I have two more options as well to change out. Find all her amazing fabric here:




Small Sheep Skin:


Leaning Bookshelf:


World framed poster. I found on etsy the old school pull down map and used the world version and had that framed.


Dresser and changing table: It was important to find a little longer changing table as they grow fast. My girlfriend has said her baby had already outgrew her changing table so I was on the hunt.


Rocking chair: Monte. I couldn’t pay a ton for a chair I wasn’t going to use again. This was modern with beautiful fabric and we can use this after anywhere in the house.


Elephant Head:




Favorite Items

The stokke cribs and sheets are my favorite! I love that the cribs roll around the house when needed in the beginning and I love that they grow with the kids. I feel like you get a lot for the money you spend on them. The sheets are just perfect because they work both with boy and girl and can be switched out. Not shown is yellow and another blue with different designs. Check out Eliza Kenan (under project links) for her specific fabric designs. 


Don't be afraid to mix and match vintage and new. Etsy is a wonderful resource. The map was $80 and I know for sure it would of been a fortune elsewhere. 

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  1. avatar Stephanie says:

    Color of the wall?

  2. avatar GABRIELA says:

    love the color walls!…do you know the name?

  3. […] Twinsies by kmckz Melisa, of Project Nursery, says, “I just adore the gender-neutral color palette, modern simplicity and bold graphic area rug selected by this soon-to-be mom of twins! But for me, placing the two Stokke cribs center stage is the icing on the cake. It’s all about the babies here as every nursery should be.” Click Here for More Photos and Details […]

  4. Get all the Stokke bedding & sheets you can dream of…..@ Lublini custom bedding…..over 800 fabrics to choose from….

  5. […] Another small crib that makes a big design statement is the Stokke Sleepi. You can even buy the add-on kit to make it a mini. Though a bit more of an investment at $999 for the base system, the Sleepi can also be converted to a toddler bed and even chairs, which means you can use it a lot longer than other small cribs. See how it’s used to save space successfully in this twin nursery. […]

  6. avatar Alessandra Porta says:


    just wanted to let you know that one of the images from this article has been featured on one of our recent post: 5 ways to live Stokke Sleepi

  7. avatar Aquasea says:

    How much do you say was all of it? Great room I LOVE IT

  8. avatar Emily says:

    Love this room! Hope your twins are enjoying it. Are you able to let me know what paint colour you have used?

  9. avatar Melinda says:

    Beautiful room! Best wishes to you and your twins! Our b/g twins are 13 months and they are so much fun. The first year is definitely hard but so very rewarding!! :)

    Meghan- if you are looking for a more affordable smaller crib option check out the mini cribs by Davinci. You can find them on amazon. That’s what we used in our twin’s nursery and they have worked out really well.

  10. avatar Cindy says:

    Kelly Zajfen,

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for your quick response. I totally thought of Jonathan Adler pillows when I saw your initial pillows! Originally, I was planning to order them from JA but was also having a hard time spending that much on baby pillows. However, you came up with the perfect solution and the lower case lettering looks great. I can’t wait to order them, thanks for the link.

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful room and ideas!

  11. avatar Kelly Zajfen says:

    Hi CIndy,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so in love with any and all Jonathan Adler things and we have a initial pillow in our room and I just couldn’t spend $100 dollars each on baby pillows so I went on the hunt and found lower case versions for $29!! I got them at Pottery Barn Teen, which I had no idea even existed! They have really cute pillows too. I love the “surf” one :)
    Here is the link. Enjoy!||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Top%20Marketing%20_Rule-_-

    Cindy Mader,

  12. avatar Cindy Mader says:

    I really liked how you decorated this room for your boy/girl twins, it’s definitely modern chic. One of the elements I really like are the initial pillows. Where did you get them? Great job!

  13. avatar Jennifer says:

    I like that you invested in quality pieces that will serve you and your sweet babies for many years . . . as you point out, the cribs work for babies, then toddlers, and then become chairs! And the cool chair you purchased can transition to other rooms in your home.
    Well done!

  14. avatar Meghan says:

    Cute but this room is definitetly not for the budget friendly in mind. I too am having twins and looking for twin cribs for a small space. I can’t fathom on spending close to a grand for just one and you got two! Wowzers! :-) Even the elephant was $150 which they will outgrow in the first 1-2 yrs. My advice is not to do too much of a theme. Kids outgrow stuff and you will see you will be re-vamping the room in a blink of an eye. Food for thought. Good luck on the twinsies. We call ours Twinkies. :)

  15. Beautiful! I have the same crib and totally agree about the lack of good sheet options. I’m waiting (impatiently) for my son’s custom bedding to arrive. :) And the giraffe lamp is on my wish list at the moment. I love it!

  16. avatar Melisa says:

    This room is awesome. Mom clearly has great style! Thanks for sharing.

  17. avatar gardsabs007 says:

    I love this, very nice. I’m sure your twins will love their room.