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Pascal’s Modern Baby Nursery


This project is based in Miami Beach, Florida to a couple with very strong traditional roots when it comes to children's spaces. We wanted to make the space to be modern to match the feeling of the rest of the home, but with a sense of welcoming warmth for the baby. The plaid bedding print goes back to the traditional patterns, and the straight lines of the modern furniture create the perfect eclectic mix that the couple was looking for.

We used ABC playing cards as a piece of art on the wall, a modern way of adding art above the bed without the fear of it falling into the crib. The broadway Lion King Poster was a play off on something both parents enjoy, being that they met on auditioning for Broadway. The custom made name train, or the embroidered pillow is an excellent way of personalizing the space to little one.

My advice to our readers is, try and make the baby nursery as personable as possible. It should tell a story, how it came to be, add some personal touches { such as the lion king poster, the name train, etc. } . Once, the baby is born, then add some photos of him/her, family photo or keepsakes people might want to give you. Adding a couple high shelves where the baby cannot reach to add fragile items and keepsakes are always a good idea.