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Magical Unicorn Party


Always Be Yourself......unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn! I don't know about you, but I can't think of anything more magical than unicorns! They very thought of them evokes rainbows and glitter and awe. My bedroom as a tween was riddled with all things unicorn, and of course Lisa Frank! I couldn't get enough - and now that I'm a party stylist for little girls' events, I'm kicking myself for not saving all the unicorn trinkets I collected over the years! This past summer we hosted a Princess Camp and I knew immediately that one of the weeks most definitely HAD to have unicorn themed décor!

Having tackled my first balloon arch during our first session of Under the Sea Camp, I was eager to take on another. I definitely wouldn't say that I have mastered them quite yet - I can't seem to decide which method I like best - but I'll keep trying because they pack such a big punch! I typically string them all together using fishing line, then tie them to a pole that hangs on the wall. Once I have it secure, I go back in and add smaller ones to fill in the holes, attaching with a low-temp glue gun.

I'm actually allergic to latex, so minimal handling of the balloons is key for me. My amazingly supportive husband inflates them for me using a pump from Walmart to preserve his lungs. I had WAY more than enough, so I figured why not make one for a centerpiece as well? Adding the polyfil "clouds" and silver stars added the perfect extra touch don't you think?

We channeled our inner artists and created some magical crafts. Our first was painted and bejeweled jewelry boxes from Oriental Trading, and then we had fun adding jewels and flowers to unicorn headbands (an obvious choice for a unicorn themed day don't ya think?!). I used a combination of tutorials from both Tikkido and Jen T. by Design.

The littles snacked on yummy "magical unicorn poop" made by Say Anything Bakery, and cotton candy cookies and mini cupcakes from Target. Having store-bought treats was a real time saver, and they perfectly matched our theme’s colors.

I'm positively smitten with the way the mini unicorn pi√Īatas¬†turned out! The Target Spritz line has the cutest mini donkey¬†pi√Īatas, so I gave them a few coats of spray paint, added a glittery horn, DIY tissue festooning (following¬†this tutorial), and a cute star rainbow and voila - mini unicorns!

The star plates were a Dollar Tree find and couldn't have been more perfect for the theme.

The napkin rings were actually mini unicorn clothespins from World Market. They were originally white with traditional rainbow tails, but I gave them a little makeover to better fit our overall look.

My sweet friend Alex of Absolutely Alexandria created the magical unicorn printables and they coordinated perfectly.

Our cardboard unicorn head received a little makeover with silver spray paint and glitter, of course, and I added some flowers to make her a little more fancy.

And because I love unicorns so much, I created a bonus alternate dessert table backdrop...As much as I was wanting to test out a crisp, white backdrop for this theme, once I started playing with the balloons I knew this backdrop was a goner!

And again...always be yourself...unless you can be the magical unicorn version of yourself!


Thursday 12th of October 2017

I used varying colors of plastic tablecloths that were cut into strips and either fringed, or "pinched" to create the pleats.


Sunday 8th of October 2017

Hi what did you use to make the backdrop?