“Lullaby of Birdland” Vintage-Jazz Nursery

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A vibrant, whimsical nursery loosely themed after the 1950's jazz standard - "Lullaby of Birdland".  Playing on the words of the song, the nursery combines birds &  jazz music elements, as well as furniture/accessories that are a little vintage with modern twist.

*Photos by: Jane D Photography {www.janedphotography.com}

Design Inspiration

My husband and I are both BIG, vintage jazz enthusiasts.  As an event planner who is no stranger to details, themes and spatial planning, I knew I wanted our baby's nursery to be unique and representative of our styles and love for jazz.  So, after scouring through my own jazz collection of standards, I came across the Ella Fitzgerald rendition of "Lullaby of Birdland" {recorded in 1952} and immediately found inspiration in the song's title and lyrics.  We also wanted a more whimsical combination of  FUN colors {coral, sunshine & robin's egg blue} and vintage with a modern twist to coincide with our theme. Finally, since our last name is Wood, I played on this too with the addition of our bird/floral wooden clock and the Wishing Tree vase {filled with welcome wishes to Kennedy from her family and friends}.

Decorating Style

Vintage, eclectic, sophisticated, flea market/thrift, & a touch of modern.


Project Details

Playing on the words of the song, I used many bird elements in the design as well as found some "Jazz for Kids" and "Ella's Playhouse" CDs to use to adorn the floating bookshelves.  As for the wall art, I wanted to do something different and was able to find the ORIGINAL sheet music for "Lullaby of Birdland" that I framed {with a vibrant, coral-matching border}.  I also mixed a lot of eclectic elements like various books to build her library {personally signed and gifted from family at a baby shower}; and fun, colorful paper flowers {DIY from Michaels}.

Crib: Jenny Lind
Chest of Drawers/Changing Station: Thrift Store/DIY
Frames: Ikea
Original Sheet Music Wall Art: Ebay

Mirrored Lamp: Pier 1
Mirrored Side Table: Target
White Chair: Ikea
Custom "Pucci-eque" Bedding: MellissasBoutique {Etsy}
Custom Bird Mobile: NotSoBaby {Etsy}
Chevron Rug: Urban Outfitters
Bohemian Letter "K" Mini Pillow: YelliKelli {Etsy}
Coral Pouf: Target {in-store}

**Paint Color: Waverly WV38007 Summer Cottage **

Favorite Items

One of my favorite finds was the wooden, bird/floral-etched clock from SayHelloShop {Etsy}.

Another personal, significant item was the baby dress I wore at 6 mos. that I hung on a custom, dogwood floral wall hook {Etsy}.



Just do YOU!  Your nursery should reflect your {and your partner's} style as well as be a versatile, FUN area that your baby can grow in!  We see Kennedy growing, playing and exploring her music library in her bright colored room for quite some time! :)


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    I love your baby room! So whimsical and cozy. What paint color did you use? Choosing the right soft color for the baby room isn’t easy, any tips would be great.

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    What a beautiful room! I love the fresh modern colors! Just a delight to look at! So pleased my little pillow was chosen for this space, it looks happy here! Thanks so much! Just a lovely space…..perfect for a sweet little one!

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    Great nursery! so cute! good job momma C :) love the inspiration behind the theme…now it makes me want
    another baby (and hopefully a girl this time!)….boys rooms just aren’t the same as a little girls!

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    Awesome work, MrsWood! You created a space that feels really light, comforting and happy. The charm is in the details, like the little jeweled frame, the wooden etched clock,    and the framed music sheets.

  19. 19

    can you please let me know where the bookshelf and shelves above it are from? i love them!

  20. 20

    The bookshelf is from Lowes {as is the closet storage system} and the floating shelves were found on Amazon :)

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    I know this is old, but I love this nursery. Where did you get the crib skirt and changing pad cover? That is exactly what I am looking for!!

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    Hi Carly – I got the vintage sheet music from EBay! I can’t believe, after nearly 5 years, my first baby’s nursery is still trending! Lol

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