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Campbell’s It’s A Small World DIY Nursery


"It's a world of laughter, a world of tears.  It's a world of hopes and a world of fears.  There's so much that we share, that it's time we're's a small world after all!  There is just one moon and one golden sun, but a smile means friendship to everyone.  Though the oceans are wide and the mountains divide, it's a small world after all!"

We LOVE disney world and are annual passholders...therefore we love it's a small world!  It's such a special ride to me.  I rode it as a little girl too!  For a few years now I've wanted to do our nursery in this theme and finally got to do so.  I wanted it to look very much like the ride--and my favorite artist, Mary Blair's beautiful geometric designs on the ride and her ride concept art.  I knew I wanted lots of gold and white, but it took me a long time to figure out what other colors I wanted to add.  I was very close to doing just golds, silvers, and white like the ride queue at Disney World, but I decided to throw out the silver and add corals, pinks, and mint--still nodding to the tons of gold and white and glitter found on the ride :)

The geometric prints are my absolute fave part of this beautiful ride and concept art.  I knew I wanted a WHOLE took me 4.5 days and LOTS of painters tape...but I did the focal wall by hand.  I also added touches of gold glitter papers here and there as some of the shapes.  I also painted a lot of the shapes by hand.

Instead of going through each little detail, please note all the products and product links on the right side of the screen!

Made by me and not included in links:

clock face


feature wall

dresser (painted by friend)

lamp shade

several of the arts above the dresser ("2", circles, one golden sun, happiest cruise, world of hopes, etc)


Couldn't find a link for:

the round coral pillow in the chair :)  I think it's from the At Home store!

The white flokati rugs I taped together from Homgoods :)


I knew I wanted a gallery wall--so I made lots of things and collected lots of items as well!  One of my fave things on that wall above the coral dresser (my childhood dresser painted by my friend and face-lifted with new hardware) is the gold heart with the hollywood lights.  Those lights remind me so much of the lights on the ride!

My fave thing besides the feature wall is probably the clock face.  I knew for a long time I wanted this above the crib, and I needed it to be light in case it fell randomly--at first it was going to be wood!  I changed my mind and had a local sign shop cut me a solid white circle from foam board and then I used glitter paper and hot glue to make the face.  I also did this with the large buildings (that look like the ride!) on the adjacent wall.  I originally had more buildings but took some out so it wouldn't look too busy over there.

I also knew I wanted hot air balloons as a nod to the ending of the ride :)

I couldn't find a cheap flokati WHITE rug (all I could find was tons of ivory!) so I found two small ones at Homegoods and literally duct-taped them together on the back :D

This entire nursery, all the furniture, decor, paint, etc--was probably around $1200.  I try to stay cheap!

This nursery is a dream come true for me and really special :)  The ride and words to the song are precious--promoting world peace and trying to get us all to relate to one another and see that we really aren't so different after all!  I also love all the cultures in the ride and everything the kids can learn about world geography--it's so fun!

Thank you for viewing our nursery!  I hope you like it :)

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  1. avatar Trish S says:

    Wow!!!!! Your nursery is gorgeous!!! Would you mind sharing the names of the paint colors you used on your feature wall? Thank you so much!!!

  2. avatar Felicia says:

    WOW! I am so impressed. I thought the feature wall was wallpaper. You did an amazing job. I’m totally blown away.

  3. avatar Mallory says:

    Hi I ended up piecing the pictures together and was able to make the feature wall with a few modifications. Here is the grid, some colors, progress photo and completion photo. Get yourself some good painters tape and a laser level.

  4. avatar Matthew Vanacore says:

    Hello! Any chance you can share a picture of your wall face on please? Thank you 😊

  5. avatar Lindsey says:

    I just sketched out my feature wall based off yours! I can’t wait to pull together my baby girls room 💗

  6. avatar Lauren says:

    Any chance you can share all the paint colors used for the accent wall? We have tried a bunch of samples and seem to still be off from the softness of the colors in your room. Thanks!

  7. avatar Mallory says:

    Can you name the colors on the feature wall? I am in the process of taping my wall. Thanks!

  8. avatar Chelsea says:

    This turned out amazing! Any chance you could find out what the name of the color your friend used on the dresser is? I’m totally obsesssed!

  9. avatar Casey says:

    I was wondering if you had a pattern for your feature wall of the different patterns. I would like to put it on my own wall but I don’t know how to figure out how to design it. If you could send me a pattern, that would be great.

  10. avatar Erin says:

    I don’t see links for anything in these photos. I specially love the gold lamp and would love to know where you got it !

  11. avatar Amy Medeiros says:

    Is there somewhere we can purchase the digital print of the hippo art work?

  12. avatar Ashley says:

    How did you get your foam and paper elements attached to the wall? Love your design and artistic touches!

  13. avatar Melanie says:

    Could you please share the name of the colors and brand that were used on the feature wall? Thank you!