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Baby Shower for Baby Boy Bennett


Outdoor baby shower for baby boy. Inspired by the invitation.

Design Inspiration

The Invitation. Colors & Image.

Decorating Style

Clean lines and special attention to function and flow of party.

Project Details

Favorite Items

POEM CARDS: Tent cards that had poems that celebrated motherhood or words from baby. WISH CARDS: Guests were asked to write little wishes for Mommy & Baby. Later they were placed in the shower guestbook.

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  1. avatar Mama Cy @ Neighborhood Kids says:

    Sorry for the late reply. Had a baby and its been some time since i’ve looked at this project. The sister of the mom to be ordered the M&M’s. they are real M&M’s. I believe it was the where she purchased them.  

  2. avatar hawahawa says:

    Hi Mamacy… I definitely definitely love this. I was wondering if those designs were made on fake M&Ms or real ones.  How did you do that???