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All Things Pink and Girly (Finally!)


After having THREE boys in a row, I wanted a completely feminine nursery for our new baby girl. So naturally I chose pink (in all shades) as the main accent color. I had two challenges with this nursery: 1) We are currently renting our home so I could not change the wall color or put too many holes in the walls, and 2) My husband just finished 12 years of university (ahhh, student loans) so my budget was a bit limited. Luckily the wall color was already a neutral grey which works with the colors of the room, and I only made one significant hole in the wall (for the mirror). The wall gallery frames are plastic (although they look like wood) and are really lightweight, as are the other wall decor items, so I was able to hang everything with straight pins and 3M Command Strips. As far as budget goes, we already had the crib and dresser with the mirror attached so that helped a lot, and I love DIY projects and shopping for good deals so the rest of the room came together without having to spend a fortune. My two splurges were the chandelier and the glider-rocker, which were fairly reasonalbly priced anyways.

Design Inspiration

My grandmother used to make rag rugs out of old clothing. They were fantastic! They had that shabby vintage look that I absolutely love. I had been meaining to make some but just couldn't find the time, or the old clothing. Then about a year ago (before I was even pregnant) I stumbled across these beautiful pink rag rugs in one of my favourite home decor stores. They were so pretty and such a great deal that I had to buy them, although at the time I had no use for them. Months later we were thrilled to find out we were expecting a girl, and I immediately began planning the nursery, with the rag rugs as my starting point.

Decorating Style

I guess you could say my decorating style is eclectic. I generally don't do themes. It isn't that I don't like themes, I just tend to like too many things to narrow it down to one concept or idea. I love combining a variety of elements to make a style "my own"-- old and new, vintage and modern, etc. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but you never know until you try (I purchase and return A LOT of home decor and furniture items before I settle on a final look). I love to incorporate DIY projects because it adds a very personal element to a room and it is nice to have things that are completely original.

Project Details

Sleigh Crib: Purchased eight years ago for our oldest child, not sure what the brand is

Paper Wheels Wall Decor: DIY (scrapbook paper and doilies from the dollar store, add fabric flowers)

Quilt: DIY Tutorial

Crib Sheet: DIY

Crib Skirt: DIY (pink silk with lace eyelet trim)

Pink Ruffle Curtains: DIY-- I bought the fabric at least 12 years ago

Dresser: IKEA Hemnes (we purchased this over a year ago and I believe it is now discontinued)

Glass Knobs on Dresser: Target

Bird Cage: Homesense spray painted with Valspar Cameo Pink

Photo Albums: Homesense

Rag Rugs: Homesense

Lamp: Homesense

Lamp Shade: TJ Maxx

Round Tufted Ottaman: TJ Maxx

Rockabye Glider Co. Bella Velvet Grande Glider Chair-Buckweat: Target

Round Pink Cushion: Homesense

Clear Alyssa Chandelier: Pottery Barn Kids

Gallery Frames: IKEA and Homesense

Mirror: Homesense

Skeleton Key: Real Deals Home Decor

"K" in Gallery: DIY (cut from foam, covered with pink stretchy fabric and stitched on the back)

Matching Dresser and Nightstand: Purchased used on kijiji, not sure how old they are, I stripped the hardware (it had been painted) and used a kit from Michaels (sorry can't remember the brand) to change the underlying brass colour to an antiqued pewter.

Wooden Pink Changing Tray: Homesense

Tray Liner: Quilt DIY

Cream Metal Hair Accessory Holder: Homesense

Scentsy Warmer: Scentsy

Paint: General Paint Silver Shimmer (8771W) and Metal Shavings (8775D)

Favorite Items

I love everything in this room but if I had to pick one favorite thing it would be the Alyssa chandelier. It is so elegant and pretty. It is a great focal point in the room and I purposely didn't hang a mobile or anything else from the ceiling (I was really tempted to hang the bird cage) because I didn't want anything to detract from the chandelier.



Don't buy anything that you don't love, even if it goes with your "theme". Be very careful with DIY projects-- sometimes it isn't worth the material cost or the time involved, especially if you are trying out a new craft for the first time and are anxious to finish your design project. You don't have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful space. Use as much of your existing furniture and decor as you can and augment it with new pieces as needed. Never compromise function for style, especially in a nursery.

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  5. avatar Kelly says:

    Interested in yhe flooring info. …color and type of wood. Thanks

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  7. avatar Barb says:

    This is the most beautiful baby girl’s room I have ever seen. You did a fantastic job. You have proved it is possible to do a room as you want it on a limited budget. Good for you – and your daughter!! Thank you for sharing.

  8. avatar Ivette says:

    I would love to know there you got the frames. It look beautiful.

  9. west hollywood, ca

  10. Im so in love with those rugs…Do they sell on line? I would buy several…stunning!

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  12. avatar pamela says:

    Drayson alcantar from Mesa, az
    This is a great idea let’s use it as an inspiration

  13. avatar April says:

    What brand is the paint? I read the color Info but wondering which brand?

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  16. avatar kirah says:

    uuugh i need that ottoman

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  21. avatar Ashley S Rivera says:

    If I may ask, because I am in the process of planning our nursery…How do you like your glider?

  22. avatar Krista says:

    What is the wall color? This nursery is beautiful and will be my inspiration if we are having a girl.

  23. avatar Jessica Roop says:

    I am so in LOVE with this nursery!!! I wish I could find that ottoman. Its adorable. Totally using this as my inspiration for my lil girls nursery. Thank you for sharing this. If you have any tips on where to find a similar ottoman send them my way. I’m officially on the hunt. haha

  24. avatar Francesca says:

    I love this nursery!! I live in NJ. How can I purchase hair accessory holder? I’ve been looking for something for a while now. I love this.

  25. avatar Shabby McFabby says:

    I just created this wall grouping of custom frames for one of my customer’s who just had a baby girl! They turned~out so beyond gorgeous!!!

    Contact me, if you I can be of any assitance to you @


  26. avatar Maria says:

    Thank you! Sadly, Homesense does not have an e-commerce website. :( I really wish they did too!

  27. avatar Maria says:

    Thanks! I made the curtains.

  28. avatar Maria says:

    Thanks for the info!! I was wondering how old the dresser and nightstand are. They are so sturdy and in fantastic shape for their age! I absolutely love them.

  29. avatar Maria says:

    No, the darker color is behind the crib and the lighter color is on the remainder of the walls.

  30. avatar Maria says:

    Yes, we shipped to family in the US and drove down to pick it up.

  31. avatar Carol says:

    The long white dresser was made in Canada. I bought the -identical -one when our little girl was born in 1968. When she was 2 we bought her the white double canopy bed. When she went to high school, we bought her the matching desk.When her little girl, our granddaughter was born, ( she is now 11 ) it was all passed on to her, except the canopy bed…which is in the guest bedroom. Yes the handles are brass colour, the silver looks great. What a beautiful room. I love pink and white for a little girls room.

  32. avatar Sara says:

    We did the rugs for our nursery. You get a latch hook backing, then cut fabric of your choice in 1inch by 4 inches and just pull them through the holes.You don’t have to fill every hole. Its easy but it takes a lot of time.

  33. avatar Lena says:

    I know this has been asked a few times, did you mix the two paint colours together to achieve the wall colour?
    Many Thanks

  34. avatar Sabrina Shewmake says:

    I was hoping to find out if you blended these two paint colors together [General Paint Silver Shimmer (8771W) and Metal Shavings (8775D)], as asked below a few times, or if one of these colors was the wall color, and the other the ceiling or an accent wall color? It seems that you probably blended the two, but I was hoping to find out for sure. Thanks so much! :)

  35. avatar Zhela says:

    I’m in love with this!

  36. In regards to the paint color, did you blend the two together?

  37. Hi, just also curious. Went to general paint and got both colours which are really dark and really light..are they a mix then?

  38. avatar Micha Lewis says:

    Interested also :)

  39. avatar Jo says:

    I’m wondering how you were able to order the glider chair from – I see you are in Canada (as am I) and the Target website says they won’t deliver to Canada. Did you go to the States to pick it up?

  40. avatar Amy says:

    Are those colors mixed or the walls painted different colors?

  41. avatar Heidi says:

    Gorgeous room!! Where are those curtains from??? They are awesome!

  42. avatar Steph says:

    i would love to know how your grandmother made her rugs! i know you didn’t Make these ones but it is such a good idea!

  43. avatar Megan says:

    Love the white frames and mirror on the wall. I live in Australia. Does Homesense have a website to order online? I would love to buy some?

  44. avatar Maria says:

    It is General Paint Silver Shimmer (8771W) and Metal Shavings (8775D).

  45. avatar Maria says:

    Kathy we’re renting so I didn’t know the paint color off the top of my head but I did just find out the paint color today. It is General Paint Silver Shimmer (8771W) and Metal Shavings (8775D). It’s a really true gray color.

  46. avatar Maria says:

    Janna I’m not sure. Probably. I think Homesense might be owned by the same company as TJ Maxx and Marshall’s so they probalby have some of the same manufacturers items. Stores like that are so random though– you never know what you’ll find (which can be either really fun or really annoying).

  47. avatar Maria says:

    Leslie I’m so sorry I’ve had the ottaman for about two years and I don’t remember who the manufacturer is. I removed the labels so there isn’t anything on it indicating who made it. Wish I could have helped. :(

  48. avatar Leslie says:

    Beautiful! I know you got the ottoman at TJ Maxx…. Could you tell me the brand or manufacturer? I LOVE it!

  49. avatar Janna says:

    Can you find any of the Homesense products in the States?

  50. avatar Kathy says:

    I love your nursery! Do you know the paint color for the walls? Thanks!

  51. avatar subrena_t says:

    Sorry, i must have missed it before and just noted that you have it listed from pottery barn!

  52. avatar Sarah says:

    Soo beautiful, love everything

  53. avatar Subrena_T says:

    Beautiful nursery! Where did you get the chandelier? I love it! I live in Ontario, so I am hoping I can get same one… Thank you!

  54. avatar Maria says:

    Thanks so much! Sorry we’re renting so I don’t know the paint color. I’ll try to find out for you though. :)

  55. avatar Barbiejean says:

    This is beautiful! What is the paint color you used?