Maya’s Room

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Our bedroom-floor laundry room was converted to a nursery. The room is on the small side 9' by 10'.

Our home is 100 years old so we had to work with walls and floors that can barely boast a right angle among them. 


Design Inspiration

The inspiration for Maya's room came from a wonderful piece of fabric that I serendipitously found one day while browsing in the fabulous Rock Paper Scissors store in my hometown of Montclair, NJ. The fabric immediately caught my eye and “voila!”; I had determined the color scheme and the mood of the room, with a whimsical blend of style, warmth and color that gave the cheerful and welcoming feel required for a baby’s room.

Decorating Style

Mid-Century Modern 

Project Details

I have sewn the curtains using  LouLouThi Fabric 

Flokati Rug  from IKEA

Plastic molded rocking chair 

Throw Pillow from Pier 1

Digital Art by MissTiina (Etsy Store) ,

Bird Cages Wall Decals ,

 FL/Y Lamp Kartell 

The felt balls garland is a DIY project - I loved the idea of a garland that in the future will showcase Maya's art as well. The look makes me feel like I am in a candy store ;)


Favorite Items

 LouLouThi Fabric 


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