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Isabella’s Room.


I wanted a room for our first baby girl that we would love spending time in.  Living in NYC, space is limited so the room would also have to double as a bit of a guest room and have lots of storage options.  After deciding on a color palate of grey and white with pops of hot pink, everything started to come together in a really fun way.  Lots of different patterns keep your eye moving and Isabella is always finding new things to look at! 

Design Inspiration

I hadn't decided on an accent color when I saw a vintage lamp in the window of my favorite Astoria shop, Site.  It was white with a hot pink shade and that lamp became the inspiration for the room. 

Decorating Style

Fun and eclectic, modern but comfy.

Project Details

dresser, bookshelves - Ikea

Rocker - Babies R Us

ottoman - Etsy, aletafae

I pillow - Etsy, MableDear

Puggle print - Etsy, WallFry

Curtains - Etsy, madebydrawstring

Lamp - Site,

Duck prints - photos by me

Paint color - pigeon gray, Benjamin Moore

Storage bins - Itso at Target

Bedding (sheet, crib skirt, polka dot blanket) - Carousel Designs

Rug -

Chandelier -



Favorite Items

I have so many favorites in this room.  I think my top three favorites would have to be the striped wall, the lamp, and the photos I took of the pink rubber ducks and turned into art work.  


Take your time and just add things bit by bit as you find them.... that way you'll love everything in the room!

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  1. avatar Kelsie says:

    Where did u get the futon?

  2. avatar vtorres says:

    Beautiful room!! Can you please tell us the name of the paint colors you used?

  3. avatar casey says:

    I need help and love the colors of your walls. Can u please tell me the name and brand?

  4. avatar Jennifer Ryan Stanish says:

    I love this!!!!What color did you use for the walls?

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  6. avatar Michelle says:

    Hello! I would love to purchase the lamp but the website you suggested isn’t working. Any tips? Thank you!!!

  7. avatar DanielandElisa Aili says:

    can you tell me exactly which rug this is! I so want it!

  8. avatar Katie says:

    Where is the crib from and brand?

  9. avatar Bonnie says:

    Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your daughter’s room, so much that I totally copied it! Thanks so much!

  10. avatar Amber says:

    I have this glider but we bought it as it was being discontinued. they don’t make it anymore :(

  11. avatar Em says:

    The glider is called the Hudson! It takes 10-13 weeks to order

  12. avatar Tanya says:

    Love, love the room. I’ve been looking for the glider too. Can you please provide more details?

  13. avatar thommi says:

    probably a really stupid question, but where did you get the adorable pink rubber duckies? I am looking for blue ones and I can only seem to find them with orange beaks.

  14. avatar joey says:

    Love the room!
    What was the white paint color?Sometimes it is so hard to find a good match depensing on the undertones :-)

  15. avatar Kiley says:

    Yes! Love the glider…. Any more info on this piece

  16. avatar Kelly says:

    I have been looking all over for the glider. Ive check Babies R Us with no luck. Who makes it? Do you know the model number or anything that would help me locate it? Thanks!

  17. avatar dorie says:

    Love the room!
    What was the white paint color? Sometimes it is so hard to find a good match depensing on the undertones :-)

  18. avatar Abbi says:

    Oh! I just love this! I have been looking for inspiration for my daughter’s nursery and this was it! I am in love with the chevron prints and the bright pink! BEAUTIFUL!

  19. avatar Eno Udoubak says:

    The materiality is sleek

  20. avatar Amy says:

    Great job! This is by far one of my favorites I have seen. Question, what is the size of the room? We are faced with the same challenge of turning a small guest room/office into a nursery and your room gives me hope that it can be done!

  21. avatar JRosas says:

    I love the colors and patterns. Cute as it can be!

  22. avatar danielle says:

    the minute I saw this, I knew this is what i had been looking the last 5 months for. my fabric is coming next week, my best friend is doing the sewing, and we’re adding a bumper to match the skirt. this is the first thing I was able to commit to, ask my hubby! thank you so much for your vision and inspiration!

  23. avatar Dawn says:

    And did you just decide to not do a bumper? I just love the whole room!!

  24. avatar jlfrola says:


    Hi Dawn,

    The ottoman is 24″ and I love it!

  25. avatar jlfrola says:


    Hi Megan,
    I used the Design your Own feature on Carousel Designs… just find Solid Fuchsia in the fabric palate and drag it over to the crib sheet. I also did the changing pad the same way. Hope that helps!

  26. avatar jlfrola says:


    oops – I made a mistake! The color of the crib sheet is Solid Fuchsia not Solid Pink :)

  27. avatar Dawn says:

    Adorable room!!! I was just wondering what size your ottoman is? I know they have several 18″ and 24″ on etsy. But it looks like it fits well with your chair!!

  28. avatar Gary says:

    What a beautiful room for a little princess, just love the colours and layout of this room. Well done guy.

  29. avatar Katherine Proctor says:

    I want to spend ALL day in there! You’re hired! (as soon as we are expecting, that is). Enjoy your hard work and relax in that awesome chair!

  30. avatar alana says:

    Jaime! You are the most talented person I know! The room is beautiful! You should win win win! xoxo

  31. avatar Megan says:

    I love the crib sheet!! I got my daughters bedding
    From that website as well! I can not find the crib
    sheet you mentioned. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Beautiful room!

  32. avatar Kristin says:

    Gorgeous! Love your color scheme… so feminine without being too soft or muted. Love your little dog too, so adorable! Great job!

  33. avatar jlfrola says:


    Hi Kelly! The sheet is Solid Pink from Carousel Designs, and the curtains are Candy Pink/White zig zag from made by drawstring on Etsy :)

  34. avatar jlfrola says:


    Hi Stephanie! The futon is from Room and Board. I bought it from a friend awhile ago when this room was our guest room/office :)

  35. avatar Jasmine C. says:

    The pink, gray and white color combination is just lovely. I also like the play of (relatively safe) patterns like polka dots, chevron and stripes.

  36. avatar Briana says:

    One word…perfection!! I love gray with a bright color. Everything you did in the nursery was great! Not too mention your cute dog guarding the room :)

  37. avatar Jean says:

    Jaimie I love it!!!! You guys did such a great job! Love the colors and of course the chevron… Isnt it the best pattern. Im obsessed lol Enjoy your beautiful nursery with your beautiful little girl! Hope all is well with you guys! Xo

  38. avatar Kelly says:

    I love this! What is the color of the fitted sheet and curtains?

  39. avatar Stephanie says:

    Where is the futon from?

  40. avatar rforbes says:

    Very nice color scheme!