Nature & Book Girls Room

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My 2-year old daughter Molly has two major areas of interest:  one is reading and the other is nature – birds, trees, and being outdoors.  When the time came to ditch the crib and move to a “big girl bed,” I designed her new room with her interests in mind.  

Design Inspiration

I wanted to design around books and nature.  I was thinking of a cross between a garden and a library - with a girlie touch! 

Decorating Style

Modern & eclectic! 

Project Details

To capture Molly’s interest in reading, I had an idea for artwork on the walls.   I took dozens of the paper book covers (they always fall off and are a nuisance, anyway) and laid them out on two 24x36” canvases, spray mounted them to adhere, and coated them 3 times with Mod Podge Gloss Finish.   

Favorite Items

The framed vintage board game on the wall is from my mother-in-law for Christmas, she got it at the Greenery Antique Shop in Hilton Head.   In about 10 years, it will be over 100 years old and quite valuable.    I thought it was an unexpected touch to the room that worked great!


For more about this project, I wrote about it on my blog:


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    Gorgeous room! I totally admire how you played with colors and how each color worked really well with the others. Diggin’ that green night table!

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    It’s so nice to see lots of books in here! I am sure little Molly’s gonna be a voracious reader when she grows up. I think the bedding’s interesting, too. Too bad you don’t have a close-up pic.

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