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Polka Dot Baby Shower


This is a baby shower I decorated (with the help of many volunteers) for some close friends. We were given the materials and vision and went right to work. We used pinks, greens, and polka dots to give a contemporary look. Instead of having a cake table we put cupcakes on each table in cupcake stands and glass pedestals. We attached balloon bouquets to the stands to create an elegant center piece. Above every other table hung a pom pom arrangement from wiring set up across the room (gym). At each place setting there was a Onesie place card. The inside of the place card was formatted to say: "Advice for the Mother-to-Be". Underneath the Onesie place card sat a white favor box filled with mint candies. We tied a green or a pink ribbon around each box and added a baby feet charm for extra cuteness and detail. 

Design Inspiration

Polka Dots

Decorating Style

Contemporary Baby Shower using pinks, greens, and white.

Project Details

I bought clip art from this vendor to create the onesie place cards.

We ordered the cupcakes from

The napkins, plastic ware, pom poms, and balloons were from

We borrowed the lanterns from a friend who recently got married. She had so many of them. That was such a blessing:)

The table cloths were from

Miscellaneous supplies were bought from and


Favorite Items

Onesie Place Setting and Pom Pom Hanging Arrangement


Make sure you prepare the pom poms early as they take the longest to assemble. Also, to cut on cost you can make them yourself very easily:)


Tuesday 1st of January 2013

I absolutely LOVE these decorations. Can you tell me what type of string you used to hang the lanterns and pom poms? Also, How did you hang them? What type of sticky tool? Thanks!


Saturday 11th of August 2012

Wow I love it! I have two questions 1. do you know the diameters of the different lanterns and 2. the polka dot paper on the tables, where did you get that from?


Monday 28th of May 2012


I actually came up w/ the cupcake idea to cut down on cost. Its great that it acts as a center piece, but also cuts down on time cutting and passing out cake to 50 or do guests.

We borrowed cupcake stands and glass pedestals. Our food prep team ordered cupcakes and placed them spaced out leaving empty cupcake slots. In the empty spaces we put mint candy wrapped in tulle.


Monday 28th of May 2012



Monday 28th of May 2012

Very beautiful party. Is it more affordable if you just put the cupcakes on each table or does it cost more?