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Mama-to-be with a love for interior design, arts, animals and lots more!

A Skater/Surfer Adventure Seeker’s Oasis Nursery (with foxes of course)

A Skater/Surfer Adventure seeker’s Oasis Nursery (with foxes of course)
Design inspiration:
I love interior design and had a lot of fun designing this room.
I was going for a very special look that my hubby and I both would love, including all our
favorite things.. skating, the beach, foxes, adventure, travel, wolves and surf.
A little space that’s refreshing and fun while staying modern, cozy and “us”.
Decorating Style:
Modern, sleek, custom and unique. (with a yummy dose of Beachy-ness!)
Favorite Items:
– The surf board!! it was really tough to find a yellow one and i know this will be something our baby
will enjoy as he gets older.. but for now, his parents can enjoy it :).
– The swiss cross blanket.. its Bold, beautiful and so soft!
– The custom carved wooden fox next to the crib which was a gift from Thailand from a good friend.
– The keekaroo! This is an amazing changing pad, no washing pad covers for this new mama and its so0o sleek! :)
– The big gnome by the entrance given to me by my brother <3
– The DIY artwork of “our world is your playground” tweaked and enhanced by the new papa
– Oh and lets not forget the Ombre wall DIY I did! :)
Make it fun and inviting, a room that your baby can grow in, with things that you and your partner love while staying modern and not over-doing it.
Avoid clutter and think of future toy storage because you will need it.
Also.. Try to add lots of DIY projects in the room.. it makes it all extra special!
One other thing, have fun making the closet cute too! Cause why not? you’ll be in there a lot too! <3