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Robin Hawkins

First time mom who loves to create fun and colorful spaces. I am married to my absolute soul mate and we live in West Texas. Our other 3 daughters are our Boston Terriers that we adore. We are super excited to be one big happy family. We have waited a long time for this little girl. She is our miracle and we are so incredibly blessed.

Pearcy’s Colorful Nursery

We have tried for years to have a child and when our dream finally came true, we wanted to create a super fun and colorful nursery.   I didn’t want a room that was a sea of pastel colors.  I wanted a room that would grow with her.  I also wanted to incorporate lots of different fabrics and as much color as possible.  My ultimate goal was to try to create a room that maybe some day she would be happy to call it her own.
We did not tell anyone her name until she got here.  We all called her Sparkle during the pregnancy.