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My husband and I spend much time on home renovation projects. I like to think I bring the ideas and supervision, and he brings the handiwork! As soon to be parents, we've been busily decorating our new nursery in between basement-finishing projects. You will find our home has a mix of graphic patterns, coastal-themes, and a whole lot of DIY projects . . . I enjoy home decor, photography, and searching for Pinteresting new inspiration.

Sunshine and Stripes DIY Aqua Nursery

A cheerful nursery filled with DIY projects because we wanted to put a touch of love and creativity into maximizing this small space for our baby girl. I’ve never really been a fan of traditional pinks, purples, or themes in nurseries, so I chose some fun colors and textures to make it unique. Saving a spot above the crib for the Top Secret name . . . coming soon!