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Twin Girls Nursery

Pink, Ivory and Grey Twin Girls Nursery

When we found out our twins were two girls, I knew immediately I wanted something very feminine and girly, without using an overwhelming amount of pink.  I also wanted a lot of storage and organization, because I knew when the girls got here it was going to be very helpful if everything had its place!

Sweet Peas Baby Shower

Sweet Pea Pod Twin Girls Baby Shower

My sister and I put together this baby shower in under 2 weeks, due to a loss of our original venue (a restaurant).  Our Plan B was to use my buildings party room, which is a very bare space, with not the best lighting.  But after a lot of trips to HomeGoods and a lot of late nights DIY-ing, we pulled it off!  Everyone had a great time and it turned out to be a very sweet event to celebrate my big twin bump and baby girls!