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Full time working mama with a toddler and baby on the way.

Rainbows and Bunnies

When we were first decorating our daughter’s nursery, we kept it neutral because we weren’t sure whether she would be sharing her room with a future sibling and what her future sibling would be. As she got older, I started feeling guilty for always dressing her in gender neutral outfits and buying her gender neutral toys. So when we decided to remodel her room, I wanted to create a space that was just for her.

Up Up and Away

The rest of our house is contemporary with clean lines and neutral colours. Our decor is minimal and simplistic. We wanted to carry this design into the nursery, so we used clean lines and natural wood tones to create a modern, gender neutral nursery. We chose a hot air balloon and airplane wall decal to go with our aviation theme.
I believe that it’s important to design a room that makes getting up (or staying up) every 3 hours a little more bearable.