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Jamie L. Brown

Motherhood came unexpectantly but I can't get enough of it. Every moment, good or bad I'm embracing it. I'm a full-time mother of three and I will use any excuse to plan a party or design a room. I'm a blogger and I love connecting with mothers and sharing my journey as a mom. I enjoy interior design, fashion, event planning, and failed Pinterest crafts with my kids.

Rustic Bohemian Floral Nursery

The moment I knew I was expecting Rosie was unreal. I had a dream of a baby crying in a flower garden. I was surrounded by people but I was the only one that can hear the awful scream. I took off into the flower garden desperately trying to find this baby. As I got closer to the baby, I woke up before I could see the baby face. When I woke up I was drenched in sweat and my husband walked into the room and surprised me with roses (hint, her name). At that moment I knew I was expecting. After waiting for the gender reveal to confirm I was expecting a girl I decided to pull inspiration from my pregnancy to design Rosie’s nursery. I decided to keep the theme going with my outdoor maternity session so I can display them in Rosie’s nursery. When designing your nursery, pick a theme and go with your own ideas. This makes it easier to create something original and not get overwhelmed when you can’t find the same decor as someone else. A quick tip to make any room in your home feel complete is to add photographs. What better time to snap pictures while you’re expecting and don’t forget to display your newborn session too. Shop around your home and vintage boutiques to save money and repurpose something. You can use anything you find the way you choose. I found an old Ikea picture frame and used it to frame a deer head I purchased from Home Goods. My curtains are hanging on a wall rack. I found affordable tie top curtains from Amazon and used the hanging wall rack as a curtain rod. I couldn’t leave the antler hanging wall rack behind, it was just too perfect for Rosie’s Room. Be sure to check out my blog for more pictures.