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Mother of two, obsessive shopper, compulsive exerciser, and reality TV producer. I am a WAHM who thought that having two kids would cramp my style and I’d end up in a mom fashion rut (sweatpants). So I started blogging to keep my passion for fashion, jewelry and retail therapy alive and well.

Ella’s Elmo Birthday Party

Ella loves Elmo and I wanted her to enjoy her birthday party more this year thank she did her first birthday, so I decided to run with the little red monster theme.  We had an Elmo performer (her dad), Elmo cakes pops and even a red carpet for guests to have their photo taken on; each family got a professional photo as the party favor. I also set up a craft table with some tactile and sensory activities for the really young kids (we had kids from 6-mos-6-years attending).