Amy Pini

When offered the opportunity to join The Project Nursery Shop team, I leapt in feet first, which is pretty much how I roll! I’m an eternal optimist and a kid at heart. I have a passion for toys—okay, obsession—and I love to write and share ideas. I also have a penchant for online shopping, which is clutch when you’re a busy mom.  

After attending college in Indiana, my college sweetheart-turned-husband and I moved to North Carolina, where my oldest son arrived. We then moved back to my home state of New Jersey, where we became the proud parents of two more precious boys. My three boys are what drive my every day. They give me the motivation to be the kind of mom they can be proud of. They think it’s awesome that Mom works, and I couldn’t agree more.  

My background in public relations and education paired with my experience raising little ones makes the world of Project Nursery the perfect home for a playful, creative gal like me.