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Nipple Confusion is a Thing. So is Finding the Right Bottle.

Can we talk about nipple confusion for a second? When pregnant with my first son, I was dedicated to getting breastfeeding right. I read the books. I did my homework, and I learned I better be scared of nipple confusion. What on earth is nipple confusion, you may ask? Yeah, that was my first reaction too. The thought is that a baby may have trouble going from breast to bottle and back to breast. I was so worried that introducing a bottle to my baby was going to ruin our chances at breastfeeding, and, as I know now, these worries are the last thing a new mama needs. Luckily, the bottles of today are not the bottles of yesterday. Bottles like those from Chicco’s NaturalFit line make the transition between breast and bottle natural and easy because no mother should be worried when it comes time to introduce one to her baby.

Chicco's NaturalFit Bottle

Even if you are exclusively breastfeeding like I did, believe me, you will want your baby to take a bottle. Whether it’s so you can catch a nap, leave the house for a bit or just to give your partner a chance to bond with and feed the baby, having your baby take a bottle as easily as the breast will save both you and your baby tears of frustration. Let’s just say all bottles are not created equal—whether breastfeeding or not—so picking the right one will get you started on the right track.

Chicco's NaturalFit Bottle

You’ll notice something different about Chicco’s NaturalFit newborn bottle at the very first glance. The key to its magic is that angled nipple. The breast-like rounded shape and that oh-so-important angled nipple allow you and your baby to get the ideal positioning during feeding so your baby can achieve a natural latch, which is so critical during the newborn stage.

It also features dual anti-colic valves to help prevent air ingestion, gas and spit-up, which you’ll appreciate when you are already facing an upward climb in the sleep department and you don’t need any unhappy tummy troubles messing with your baby’s slumber.

Chicco's NaturalFit Bottle

Now your newborn’s needs are not that same as an on-the-go baby who has mastered the art of holding his or her own bottle, which is why Chicco has developed nipples with five flow rates—Slow, Medium, Adjustable, Fast and Y-Cut—to provide the perfect fit and flow to meet a growing baby’s changing needs. Chicco’s NaturalFit bottles are interchangeable with all of their nipple types, so you can simply add a new nipple as needed.

Chicco's NaturalFit Bottle

Chicco understands that one solution doesn’t fit all, so they’ve outfitted their NaturalFit bottle collection with everything you’ll need for your baby as his eating habits develop. The NaturalFit bottles are available in three sizes (5oz, 8oz, 11oz) and three colors (white, blue, pink).

Some other bottle perks for parents? The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold even during those sometimes lengthy newborn feeds. You’ll also love the extra wide mouth of the bottle for easy cleaning.

Chicco's NaturalFit Bottle

You can find Chicco NaturalFit bottles at Babies’R’Usbuybuy Baby, and other online retailers for a suggested retail price of $8.99 each.

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