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Ahh…to be a Teenager Again…

No, I’m kidding. I definitely don’t want to be a teenager again, but I do wish I had RH TEEN available to me when I was decorating my room as a teen! It’s fun to see companies branching out into these niche markets. While the collection is trying to catch the eye of teens and tweens, many of these pieces would work as great accents in any space.

There is just so much pretty we can only give you a taste below.

Dipped Wood Beaded LettersDipped Wood Beaded Letters

Inspiration PillowsInspiration Pillows

Hexagonal Cast-Brass Desk AccessoriesHexagonal Cast-Brass Desk Accessories

Pendleton Skywalkers BlanketPendleton Skywalkers Blanket

Stone Mason's Table Lamp BaseStone Mason’s Table Lamp Base

Branch Jewelry RackBranch Jewelry Rack

Did you find anything you love at RH TEEN?