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Recently we’ve been working on a design for a client who lives in a very unique and modern home in Los Angeles. She really wanted to make sure that her son’s room went with the style of the house, but she also wanted it to be truly one-of-a-kind and very fun. She had inspiration photos of space-age looking storage units and colorful modern pieces that let us know she really wanted to go outside the box.

After some back and forth, it became clear that a large storage unit was going to be the best place in the room to really make a statement, so we started our search for the perfect piece.

We’ll be sharing the completed room soon, but in the meantime, we were inspired by our search for interesting storage and thought we’d share our favorite unique storage furniture with you. After all, who said a bookcase has to look like a bookcase?

If you’ve got the space, this big and bold storage unit is a serious statement. Whether for a nursery or a kid’s room, you’ll always need lots of storage for books, decor and little collections of things.

Honeycomb Bookcase

Honeycomb Wall Shelf from Chelsea House

Another favorite is this tree bookcase. The piece has such a great whimsical feel, but it’s modern at the same time. We love how all the books and accessories look just a bit off-kilter.

Tree Bookcase from Nursery Works

Tree Bookcase from Nursery Works

The best thing about these wall shelves is that they can be grouped together and arranged in any way to create a pattern on the wall. You could also choose to use just one for a small accent.

Honeycomb Wall Shelves from Land of Nod

Honeycomb Wall Shelves from The Land of Nod

Our absolute favorite unique storage piece is this guy, the robot shaped bookshelf—it’s actually life-sized! There’s not a little boy in the world who wouldn’t love to have a giant robot pal to keep all his books and toys safe.
Robot Shaped Bookshelf

Robox Bookshelf from Property

Keep an eye out for the reveal of our next room design to find out which unique storage furniture we chose!

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