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Sleep Well with the Hushamok Hammock

When we first become moms, we waive our right to sleep through the night. Every mom knows the feeling of that sleepy haze during late night feedings and rocking the baby back to sleep, wishing for just a few more minutes of sleep. Unfortunately, babies don’t come with a snooze button (wouldn’t that be nice), but there are some products and tricks that will help you get just a few more moments of shut-eye. Meet the Hushamok Hammock!

Hushamok Hammock

Fully aware that I’m not a happy or functional person with only three hours of sleep under my belt, I decided to put the Hushamok Hammock to the test with my newborn. Either I won the baby lottery or this hammock is magic. Six weeks in, we are getting solid time blocks of sleep, making for both a happy baby and mommy. To help make baby feel secure, I recommend you swaddle your little one before placing them in the hammock.

Hushamok Hammocks are the natural alternative to a baby bassinet or crib. Designed to mimic the womb, the hammock provides a gentle rhythmic rocking motion that helps newborn babies (and parents) sleep better and longer. The 100% organic cotton contributes to a healthy sleeping environment and offers peace of mind.

Hushamok Hammock Review - Project Nursery

The Hushamok Hammock has a sleek and modern design that is easy on the eye, making it a welcome addition to the home. The hammock also comes with a convenient travel bag—giving baby a home away from home when you travel.

All hammocks are built to last with a maximum weight ranging from 22 pounds (Dream Stand) to 50 pounds (Okoa Stand).

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Freya Natasha Fernandez Dy

Wednesday 20th of November 2013

That is one gorgeous hammock. And organic at that. I just wonder how long the baby will be able to use this.


Thursday 21st of November 2013

i'm guessing two, three months. or as long as they don't move a lot yet.