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Design Reveal: All Aboard!

For our latest design reveal—a nursery for a little boy—we started with the tiny train wallpaper from ferm living that our client instantly fell in love with. It’s always been one of our favorite choices; it mixes a fun lively graphic with a slightly retro feel, and we just love the fun yellow passengers aboard the green train that create a pattern that one can stare at for hours.

To keep the room feeling fresh, we opted for bright white and dark brown furniture and linen to offset the muted calm tones of the wall covering and beige painted walls.

The clean lines of ducduc’s Austin Crib and Changer are juxtapossed with the more traditional Pottery Barn Swivel Glider to keep the room modern yet inviting. We reupholstered the glider and added the contrasting piping in brown to tie it in with the rest of the two-toned furniture—both fabrics are from the Alba Line by Designer’s Guild. The pillows tie back into the wallpaper and keep the room feeling young and playful with the Birdie Pillow reintroducing the green of the train, and the Dotty Yellow Pillow pulling in the playful yellow.

We used the plush Manx Flor Tiles to create the appearance of a rug while simultaneously covering the entire floor—this solution isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but also makes it easy to replace a tile in case of stains later— finding practical but pretty solutions is a key part of our work.

Vintage prints, modern sconces, the lucky brown mobile and a green pop of color behind the leaning book shelf tie together the scheme to create a nest that’s simultaneously modern and warm. The neutral tones punctuated with bright accent colors help create a unique space to welcome a new little man into the world.

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  1. avatar Simone says:

    These walls are super attractive and perfect to create good vibes in your room.

  2. avatar Simone says:

    These wall designs are looking perfect in color.

  3. avatar Denver Blad says:

    Wow, so beautiful wallpaper I like it.

  4. avatar John says:

    Wall paper color is natural that’s why it’s looking cool and vibrant.

  5. These bedroom design tips and tricks are useful and pretty easy. And this wallpaper is perfect.

  6. avatar my tiny nest says:

    thank you all for the kind comments too – we loved the end result which is always gratifying when we explore new color ways

  7. Interesting wall paper. It’s something you’d want to look at closely so you could see the details up close.

  8. I checked the site and this is the only color available. Firm Living does have many other great-looking wallpapers that I’m sure would suit your taste.

  9. […] this weekend, what did I spot in my Google+ feed (yes, I still use Google+ a bit!)?  It was a nursery designed by My Tiny Nest on Project Nursery that used the same inspiration!  If you want to see how fantastic the wallpaper looks in photos, […]

  10. avatar gina says:

    Really nice train wall paper. Does this come in another color? I’d prefer brighter colors so it doesn’t look too dry.

  11. Simple, interesting room. It would have been a challenge to choose a color palette that wouldn’t clash with the wallpaper, but you made it work with the simple white and brown.

  12. Oh my goodness! I love the nursery design colors! Love how you guys used green and brown!!! Great combo for a little baby boy!

  13. avatar erika says:

    Love that wall paper. What a welcoming and playful space you created!