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Thanksgiving for Little Ones

Thanksgiving is right around the corner; why not make a special spot just for your kids? With these simple ideas, you can create an activity-filled dinner table for your littlest guests and then maybe get to finish your own meal!

Use butcher paper to wrap the top of a small crafts table.

Draw where they should place their plate and cup. Kids love to have a special spot for everything!

Give them something to do. We used an old cheese box to hold mason jars filled with crayons. They can color away on their tablecloth!

Not all kids love mom’s pumpkin pie, so why not give them their own treat basket? Filled with chocolate balls and yogurt covered pretzels, the kids will have full tummies and be entertained for the hour you need to eat your dinner.

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  14. avatar Alison Mar says:

    I will definitely do something like this this coming Thanksgiving! Love the idea!

  15. avatar Gavin Crew says:

    Wonderful idea. We usually have the kids sit at a separate table, but nothing special. This year, I’ll try to make it a lot more fun. Thanks a lot for the inspiration!