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Snugli Stroller: Strollin’ with Style

Have you seen what Snugli‘s been up to? The company, so trusted for its baby carriers that I’ve actually heard people refer to every carrier as a Snugli (like the way people say Kleenex instead of tissue), has jumped further into the world of baby gear, and they’ve added a fun twist. With their style sets, you are able to customize or change up the look of your Snugli high chair or Snugli stroller in a snap for a new look. The style sets add a nice pop of color; they also coordinate with Snugli’s baby carriers and car seats.

As you can see in the pictures above, the style set just snaps, wraps or attaches to the existing stroller in key spots for a stylish addition of color. The Geo style set is featured above; you can easily trade them out for new style sets if for example, your next child is a girl and you would prefer a pink look or if you just want a change.

I got the chance to review the Snugli stroller up close and personal. My favorite features: the reversible seat, adjustable handlebar, included belly bar, big storage basket and easy-to-adjust straps. I hemmed and hawed with my first son about moving him into a forward-facing stroller like it was life or death. Would he be too stimulated? Would he wonder where I was if he couldn’t see me? Ah…the life of a first-time mom with a penchant for worrying…obviously, it wasn’t a life or death matter, but I love having both options.

The adjustable handlebar goes so low that I can even lower it to a height where my three-year-old is able to push the stroller (with close supervision, of course). Since I’m on the taller side, I feel most comfortable with the handle bar fully extended. I love that the belly bar is included, and my baby loves holding on to it when he’s going for a stroll.

The straps are simple to loosen and tighten near the buckles, which is refreshing after all the time I’ve spent painstakingly feeding straps through those annoying adjusters on so many different baby products. I also like that there is a cover that velcros over the actual strap buckle. Neither of my kids has ever ejected themselves from their seatbelts (knock on wood), but I’m always a little nervous that they might (again, the worrying!). I hope that out of sight, out of mind will prevent my littlest from getting too curious about the buttons.

I also love how easy it is to adjust the recline of the seat and the footrest. Depending on how alert my baby is, I can adjust the seat to make him more comfortable lying back or sitting up to observe the world. Since he’s only nine months old, I like to keep the footrest up because his little legs aren’t quite ready to hang comfortably.

I will note that the seat has to be removed from the base in order to fold the stroller. Luckily, the seat is simple to remove. The stroller has really nice shock absorption, so your kiddo won’t get bumped around too much. An added plus? If you push down on the handlebar a little, you can make the stroller bounce—perfect for the little one who prefers to stay in motion and who makes sure to let you know every time you stop to look at something in the store.

What’s your must-have feature in a stroller?

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Manny Quin

Monday 17th of December 2012

Is this the stroller of choice by celebrity moms?


Friday 30th of November 2012

Will definitely check these strollers out. My husband and I are still looking for the perfect one, and we hope we could find it before our little bub arrives in April.