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Create a Book Nook for Your Child

I find something very comforting about being surrounded by books. I hope my children inherit that same feeling, so it’s important that they have a bookcase or shelf that’s their height where they can reach for their favorite book and have a moment to themselves. These bookcases are a fun way to organize your kids’ bedrooms and playrooms.

This type of bookshelf creates a convenient way to keep books facing outwards.

How fun are these peel and stick storage cubes?

Oeuf’s classic Mini-Library is perfect for storing books and toys, not to mention, one good looking piece of furniture. Snap!

The Revolving Bookcase by PBTeen provides a unique book tower.

What do you you think of these options? Have you seen any other great bookshelves? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. […] Via Project Nursery This one is a great DIY. I love that we see more and more front-facing book storage displaying children books in a manner where they can choose what they are going to browse, even if they can’t read yet. […]

  2. […] in any case. Reading is an activity they prefer to store for later. When I want them to sleep. Via Project Nursery This one is a great DIY. I love that we see more and more front-facing book storage displaying […]

  3. I’ve been following the website for some time and had encouraged me not even remark. Without having doubt, the post says is definitely true, although some people might think in another way.

  4. avatar Kate says:

    We do not use the bottom half of my sons’ closet, so I am planning on converting it to a tented reading nook with pillows, a light and a little shelf for his books. I think kids enjoy being in small spaces created especially for them.

  5. […] my last post, I wrote about book shelves. This week, I’d love to highlight some of the books that my children adore. I hope you like […]

  6. avatar Sandra says:

    The revolving bookcase is really unique and it looks very interesting and pretty, too. Every one in my family absolutely loves books and we just couldn’t get enough bookcases!

  7. avatar amanda says:

    My son loves books and has several spots in his room where he likes to curl up with a good book. I found a great little library cart at a local thrift store for $8.50! I cleaned it up and painted it a glossy navy. You can pictures on my blog,

  8. avatar Pam says:

    Ohh, that PB Teen book tower is brilliant!