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Re-purpose Your Nursery Decor Into Party Decor!

Start your party decor search somewhere close by…..your baby’s nursery!  I love re-purposing room decor items in my party set-ups.  Simple items such as hanging canopies, banner buntings or wall decors can transform your party from cute to WOW!

I used this darling carnival/circus canopy from IKEA (a mere $19.99 investment) for an elephant parade birthday party…..and it MADE the party!  People are in awe of the unexpected and a simple, inexpensive item can help you elevate your dessert table,  story-time reading nook, or craft table.  Here are a few of my favorite items that can help you do just that:

  1. Wood Airplane Mobile – this hanging element with give your son’s birthday party flight!
  2. Fabric Wall Decal Bunting – gender-neutral, this bunting is full of cute patterns and charm and would be a darling addition to any party!
  3. Rose Petal Canopy – I can just picture this beautiful rose petal canopy hanging over a tea party table in the garden, can’t you?
  4. Nautical Flag Banner – these seaside flags are perfect for a nautical birthday party or baby shower.  (a VERY popular theme this time a year!)
  5. Chandelier Wall Decal – bring a touch of elegance to any party with this sweet chandelier wall decal.  It’s a great way to “dress-up” a tea party or elegant first birthday party!
  6. Lady Bug Wall Decals – cluster a bunch of these cuties going up a wall or down a table!
  7. Pink Butterfly Mobile – hang a mobile over a kids table like you would a chandelier over your dining room table.  It adds a vertical element to your space, not to mention a sense of whimsy!
  8. Batman Wall Decal – with superheros the rage these days, who could resist a batman wall decal personalized with your child’s name?!

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  1. avatar Miss Nomer says:

    I think that it’s fun that Project Nursery is trying to tie together the nursery and parties. I would agree that it would be a waste to throw out these decors when it could be used for parties, and vice versa. I think that it was Rebecca who first pointed out that party decors could serve as beautiful decorations in your nursery. Now it’s the other way around.

  2. avatar Regine says:

    So love your ideas here, Kelly! I think that I’d bring out a similar canopy from my kid’s old nursery in time for her birthday party next month!

  3. Love these ideas!!! Brilliant!