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The Feminine Side of Blue

Blue is my all-time favorite decorating color.  I love it in the bathroom, in the kitchen and most definitely in the nursery! Here are some sweet, soothing and luxurious inspirations that will get you feeling blue – in the good way…

Egyptian Cotton Linen By Blauen

Sylvana Campbell Damask Wall Paper (Nina Campbell)

Blue Hydrangeas

All A Twitter Wall Art by Oopsy Daisy

JellyCat Blue Cordy Elephant

Grace Table and Ava Toddler Chair by Jennifer Delonge

A cashmere baby blanket from Baby CZ

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  1. avatar Cherry says:

    Blue isn’t exactly my fave color, but I have always loved its cool, breezy and refreshing effect. I love the wall art in these photos, by the way.

  2. avatar Amber says:

    I’ve always thought that blue was a great color, even for girls. It’s soothing and calm, much like how girls should be :)

  3. avatar Pencils says:

    I love blue too–the only reason I didn’t go with blue for my daughter’s room is that the rest of the house is blue! And I love that Cordy Roy elephant, all the Jellycat “cordy” animals are adorable. Particularly the anteater. Serena and Lily have some really gorgeous blue ranges for girls.

  4. avatar Bibzees says:

    You didn’t have to sell me on blue….already love it for girls :)
    I love that oopsy daisey art…so much fun!

  5. avatar MalinaStwrt says:

    I love this feminine side of blue look. I do see how I can use these items for a boy too, like the elephant, table, and chair. Good work ;)

  6. avatar Jen says:

    I would so love to have a blue chair!