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One Of A Kind

I am always on the hunt for great, one of a kind nurseries and children’s rooms. When I photo shoot for my own bedding line I am always trying to create rooms that look “lived” in, where the true personality of the child can bloom. I often collect from magazines rooms I wish I had time to create or  that I think have special qualities, the one special something that makes the room. It is the little creative touches that make a room unique to the person who lives there. For the child, creating spaces that allow for expression are the most successful. For me it is the key ingredient for providing a nurturing, loving space.

Sometimes the child creates a whole new space within the existing room décor… she creates a little cocoon. A favorite child pastime, camping out in their own room!

The walls of a room always provide a gallery-like space for works that tell a story . Unique wall decals, children’s art and fun wall designs help define a space.

Art work from your child.

Wall decals that are fun and funky…

Walls that use unique materials such as wall fabric or even chalkboard art can bring a surprise creative element into a space.

Another way to add some unexpected elements to a room is with the help of textiles. I love this headboard and the childlike motif that is also wonderfully bohemian. Sweet dreams sleep here!

So whenever you are looking to add eclectic designs to your room, the unexpected and unique details create one of kind rooms.


Wednesday 25th of August 2010

Where do you get vintage wallpapers? And can you recommend a service that could help us cut out life-size elephants out of these? My daughter absolutely loves elephants and I wanted to create a silhouette one for her with pink vintage wallpaper.


Tuesday 24th of August 2010

I remember when the kids were just toddlers, we allowed them to basically use their crayons and draw on one wall. It was nice seeing those scribbles turn into drawings, and then getting higher and higher as the kids grew taller. When the youngest turned 9 years old, we took pictures of the wall and had it made into a customized wallpaper :)

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Monday 19th of July 2010

perfect room for my little angle.. like the idea of decoration.