Real Parties: Mr. Roboto

First Birthday parties can take on a life of their own. I don’t know what’s more fun, the excitement of marking baby’s first year or the thrill of having a party where adults are in on the action. North Carolina mother Keila dreamed up a party filled with robots and colorful candy treats for her son Aiden’s first birthday. Here are all the details on this out of this world party.


What is the theme of the party and why?
Since before Aiden was even born I knew I wanted to throw him an out of this world party that no one had ever seen. I decided to do a “robot” theme because I loved the idea and it went great with my little one but also because I knew it would be a challenge to pull it together.

Did you find inspiration from any particular photos or websites?
Sure did! I did a random search online for “robot parties” and Hostess with the Mostess’ website came up. I absolutely fell in LOVE! I was also inspired searching her blog to incorporate a candy buffet. I found Aiden’s robot cake off of Flickr.



Please share with us where you purchased your supplies.
I found a few robot themed things at Target. Goody bags, stickers, etc. I also bought a few things from Party City. Ribbon, scrapbook paper and small things at Hobby Lobby and AC Moore. Glass containers and candy added to the party.

What was was the most creative item you made for the party?
I’d have to say it would have to be the big robots we pinned on the walls. They took me quite a awhile to make. Long nights and hard work for about 2 weeks. Beginning with projecting them on a wall, tracing them, filling them in and putting on the finishing touches. All the small parts were traced on construction paper and glued into place and pipe cleaners were also used.

Do you have any advice or tips for someone inspired to throw a similar party?
Plan in advance! Start searching online and if you find something, buy it! I found alot of things we’re discontinued just a few mere days after I found them. Details matter and don’t be afraid to ask for help!




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    oh my goodness, I love this party theme and the cake!!!! The whole thing is terrific! I think I will remember it for my son’s second birthday! Thanks!

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    I was at the party and it was great! My Cousin has Great Party Ideas and I admire her. The candy bar is a really excellent Idea! And also, I give props to her sister for making the awsome Robot cake. It was Delicious!

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