Happy, Colorful Nursery

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A Project For

Baby Girl Curry


Eagerly awaiting her arrival!


Northern New Jersey


I've been dreaming about this nursery long before we knew we'd be having a little girl. We wanted to have a fun, colorful, gender-neutral nursery that this little girl could grow with!

Design Inspiration

This little girl is our rainbow baby, so I wanted to incorporate rainbow colors without literally using a rainbow motif.

Project Details

Crib - Graco from Target

Glider - Babies R Us

Dresser/Changing Table - Local "Bare Wood" Furniture Vendor

Rug & Plush Toys - Pier 1

All textiles, Prints & Mobile - Etsy

Favorite Items

I'm a teacher, so my favorite item/feature is the wall of books.  My husband built the shelves.  I can just picture sitting in the glider, reaching up, and grabbing books to read while rocking our sweet girl!


Take your time!  There was no store that had what I was looking for, so I turned to Etsy.  There were lots of pieces I loved, but no single vendor that carried everything!  It was definitely a labor of love!!


  1. 1

    This room is the Bee’s Knees, Megan and Adam! The colors and fun and whimsy are going to make this a very joyous room for baby-girl Curry! Can’t wait to meet the mini Megan!
    – Love always, Uncle Bunky!

  2. 2

    I’m in love! There is nothing like pops of color to fill a room with sunshine. Congratulations on a BEAUTIFUL nursery and your soon to be bundle of joy :)

  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

    Oh we are expecting a rainbow baby as well. My heart instantly melted when I read that. I LOVE your idea of incorporating the rainbow into the room theme, very well done! From one rainbow mommy to another, you are in my prayers.

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