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A lot of things changed when my first baby was born, but what rocked my world the most was my new sleep schedule. Long gone was the power of owning the night. Instead of sleeping peacefully, my nights were instantly filled with late night/early morning feedings and diaper changes. […]

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Last week, we shared our latest design: A makeover of a little girl’s room for the specific purpose of helping her sleep in her own bed. The makeover, focusing on a few of our favorite sleep tips, was featured on the daytime talk show The Doctors and features items available from Rosenberry Rooms. Today, we’re …

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A hilarious, if not a little naughty, book for grown ups by Adam Mansbach about the perils of sleep in any home with youngsters has been burning up the blogosphere with its very direct message. Please, please, please child go to sleep! Sleep-deprived parents raising young children are willing to try just about anything if it means more rest for parent and child. ZAZOO Kids has created a clock that’s first priority is more sleep for all.

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My good friend Kelly recently introduced Project Nursery to a super soft, all natural cuddle rug for babies called the Lamby. It took one particularly unpleasant airplane experience to prompt her search for something that would transform those awful airplane seats into a soft and inviting place for baby to sleep. She asked around and …

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