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Snuggles From Down Under

My good friend Kelly recently introduced Project Nursery to a super soft, all natural cuddle rug for babies called the Lamby. It took one particularly unpleasant airplane experience to prompt her search for something that would transform those awful airplane seats into a soft and inviting place for baby to sleep. She asked around and another mother swore by the Lamby and now Kelly totes it around on all her trips as well as uses it at home. Nothing better then a raving testimonial from a new mother!

I did a little research and found out that the Lamby Lambskin Cuddle Rug for Babies was the first and original product that launched the successful Australian company Lamby. The ultra soft lambskin, made from natural fibers, is warm and cozy in cold weather and cool in the summer. I’ve been told that you’d be hard-pressed to find an Aussie who doesn’t use one of these blankets in the crib, on the floor or on the go to soothe their baby.

Lamby has been at the forefront in helping establish standards for lambskin quality for use with babies. They say, “The Lamby soothes and caresses like a parents loving arms, allowing baby to snuggle up, fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer.” Did they say stay asleep longer? Most mothers would move to Australia if it meant more sleep!

Kim @ The TomKat Studio

Wednesday 7th of January 2009

Sounds fabulous! They should make them in adult size....I think I'd like to be cuddling with one right now!


Wednesday 7th of January 2009

This looks really snuggly but I have to believe there's an animal-friendly version of this?!