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The All Natural Sleep Bag


Each year on Earth Day there are more and more ideas to help us reduce, re-use and recycle. This must mean we are moving in the right direction. I found myself thinking about how I could incorporate a few new things into my family’s daily routine to help make a difference. I have to admit that I was inspired after catching half of Oprah’s Earth Day show yesterday. That woman really does have a way of motivating. We’ve already introduced some terrific Eco-friendly products and styles this week and here comes another one. It’s a great and unique, all-natural cotton sleepsack from New Zealand based company Peke Moe.


A small family business, Peke Moe is developed and run by a mother/daughters team who needed a solution to the ordinary swaddle blanket. They found that no matter which swaddle they tried, their little ones would “Houdini” their way out. This is such a common issue for parents everywhere who rely on the swaddle at sleep time but once their baby breaks free of the wrap they can not self soothe and get back to sleep. This means a series of wake up calls throughout the night. Agony!  What I love about the Peke Moe sleep bags is that the roomier design which is shaped more like a bag or blanket and allows for versatility with swaddling. Many sleep bags on the market are more structured and are only appropriate for the newborn stage. The Peke Moe sleep bag can be used as your baby grows.

The sleep bags are all handmade in New Zealand with only natural fabrics to ensure the best sleeping enviornment. There is both a brushed cotton for breathable warmth or a summer weight muslin fabric which is light and airy for those hot summer nights. A soft ribbing neck makes it easy to pull over the baby’s head and the top rounded corners provide a place for hands to go. The sleep bag is then zipped at the bottom. They wash well and maintain their shape and soft feel. You can also use it in the stroller because the extra length allows room for buckling. Peke Moe sleep bags come in two sizes (0-7 months and  7-13 months) and run about $40 depending on fabric choice and size. For more information or to purchase for you or as a gift go to the Peek Moe site. And don’t miss looking at all the happy Peke Moe babies in their sleepsacks on their babies page!


Emmanuel Kitcher

Wednesday 26th of May 2010

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Friday 12th of June 2009

I got these for my twins and absolutely loved them! Lasted them for ages too, made the transition from swaddling so easy, and kept them cosy all night! definitely recommend to others!


Tuesday 5th of May 2009

I just bought one for my 6 month old daughter and LOVE it!!!


Friday 24th of April 2009

This is a great product at a really affordable price :)


Thursday 23rd of April 2009

That is awesome! I had the same problem when my daughter was a baby so I made something very similar! This might be my new favorite baby gift :D