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VW Bus Monochrome Superhero Big Boy Room!


Landon's big boy room is finally done! After over a year of hard work, my fiancee designed and built my son his dream bed-- a VW bus bunk bed designed after our own real life '73 VW camper van!  I'm just in awe of my amazing fiancee, I mean no detail was spare... This bus/bed comes complete with a speaker system, built in radio, iPad hook up, working fans and headlights that turn on, actual parts from a VW bus (rearview mirror, bumper, etc.) and VW bus key that fits in the ignition! This really was a labor of love and my son couldn't be happier about the outcome :-)

To complement the VW bus and really let it shine as the centerpiece of the room, we painted the room a neutral light grey and used mainly a monochrome color scheme with fun pops of color here and there.  And of course we had to include my son's love of legos and superheroes as the main inspiration for the rest of the room :)

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  1. avatar Mike says:

    Im building a vw bus bunk bed as well.
    Could you please share with me the wiring for the lights?
    I will be using oem headligts and tail lights as well.

  2. avatar Monica Olmedo says:

    Hi Brittany,

    Just came across your page, love Love LOVE the room it looks amazing!!! Any chance you can provide details on building the bed?

  3. avatar Debbie Thornton says:

    I love this, well done. Can you tell me what the van is made of-wood or fiberglass? Our little grandson would love this.

  4. avatar ursu vils says:

    loved the bed im looking for something like thst for my 3 yr old son if u ever sell please let me know

  5. avatar Ronniccia says:

    Love this bed and am actually going to tackle it myself. I am not as handy as your guy so I am wondering if he has the plans for the wood and sizes? I would pay for the plans if you have them?
    Thank you so much,

  6. avatar Laura says:

    Hi –
    Such a great bedroom! Where did you get the POW sign? Does it light up?
    Thank you-

  7. avatar claudio says:

    How is it made? Spare original parts mixed with painted wood?
    Do you have a project to share?


  8. avatar Sarah Conway says:

    Do you think your husband would start selling these beds I have been looking for something like this for my daughter?

  9. avatar Sonny says:

    Hi i3rittanyLynne,

    First of all I want to congratulate you with the awesome VW bus big boy room. Much kudos to your fiancee!
    It gives me a lot of inspiration for building a similar bunk bed when my son’s growing out of his current one.

    Like you guys, we own a VW camper van also. I bought my ’64 Westfalia T1 in 2009 and has now become a part of our family. This bed is the most realistic Split Bus bed I’ve seen so far. I really admire the result.

    Having said that, I want to inform you that a photo of your bed is being used in a Dutch Facebook page for a price give away. To apply to win your VW bed the contestants have to answer a lot of questions in a survey, which is hosted by a Danish company. Weird right?
    It becomes weirder! The questions are all about product marketing. I’ve read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement, and it comes down that the contestants agreeing that their personal data will be distributed to many third parties. Like address, child’s name, phone number, marital status, financial status and a lot more!
    It also states that the contestants agreeing to receive marketing e-mails and phone calls.

    I realize that this reply has become a bit boring for this website, but I thought to give you a heads up. Your fiancee’s idea and craftsmanship is now being used for scamming people.
    If this doesn’t concern you, you can ignore this message. I’m still loving the VW bus bunk bed. =]

    This is the page:


  10. avatar Brianne says:

    Such a lovely room!! Looks like we share similar taste too! !! Love the VW bus idea!!! How did you create that??

  11. avatar i3rittanyLynne says:

    Hi! Aw thanks so much for the compliment! I actually found it on Amazon! I think I included it in the sources with the links but if it doesn’t show up just let me know and I can send you the link! :)

  12. avatar Courtney Elizabeth says:

    This is such a great room!

    Did you find the bunny nightlight in the US? Or did you have to pay for import? I’ve been looking, but haven’t been able to find it in the US at the same price as overseas. It’s so cute!

    Thanks for more info!