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Mama to my best lil buddy and soon to be mama to another baby boy in Sept.!

Vintage Boho Modern Surf Beach Nursery

As soon as we found out we were having a baby boy, we set about turning our girlie guest room into the perfect nursery for our little man!
To start we had the carpet ripped out and dark wood flooring installed.  Then my amazing fiancee installed trim around the windows and closet.  While painting the room, we took the closet doors off and I decided to leave them off and hang crochet curtains instead to make the inside of his closet more visible.  This made the smaller room seem more open and spacious.  My fiancee also installed low lighting in the closet which will be perfect for all those late night diaper changes :)  Once the paint was dry, we put up several rows of pineapple decals to make a fun background for the closet.
Next, we hired a local professional to put up the wave wallpaper on the accent wall behind the crib.  Our last big DIY for the room ended up being the bamboo window shades.  I knew I wanted bamboo shades to go with the boho beachy vibe, but couldn’t find any that didn’t let so much light through….which is a deal breaker for a nursery where a baby will be sleeping during the brightest part of the day. :-/ Luckily I ended up finding some black out material from Home Depot and again put my handy fiancee to work re-threading all three bamboo blinds with the black out backing material and Ta-da! Perfect custom window treatments for the nursery minus the custom price tag! ;)
My advice when designing your nursery would be to find something that inspires you….whether a unique piece of furniture or a cool piece of art…and let it guide you for the rest of your room.  Also don’t forget to use things that have sentimental or personal meaning to you and your partner!
I knew I wanted to do a wallpaper accent wall and after a late night Pinterest session I ended up finding the most amazing wave wallpaper I knew I had to have!  While out shopping with my mom I found a vintage surfboard and ordered some other vintage beachy treasures on Etsy to decorate the room with. We also had to incorporate our love of VW buses in the room as well!  We had fun picking out photos we took on some of our beach vacations as artwork in several of the frames, and also used souvenirs and mementos we collected on our travels this summer as decorations throughout the room. All of these things came together and we ended up with this beachy/surfer/boho/vintage/modern nursery that we love being in and cannot wait to bring our baby boy home to! :)

VW Bus Monochrome Superhero Big Boy Room!

Landon’s big boy room is finally done! After over a year of hard work, my fiancee designed and built my son his dream bed– a VW bus bunk bed designed after our own real life ’73 VW camper van!  I’m just in awe of my amazing fiancee, I mean no detail was spare… This bus/bed comes complete with a speaker system, built in radio, iPad hook up, working fans and headlights that turn on, actual parts from a VW bus (rearview mirror, bumper, etc.) and VW bus key that fits in the ignition! This really was a labor of love and my son couldn’t be happier about the outcome :-)
To complement the VW bus and really let it shine as the centerpiece of the room, we painted the room a neutral light grey and used mainly a monochrome color scheme with fun pops of color here and there.  And of course we had to include my son’s love of legos and superheroes as the main inspiration for the rest of the room :)

Colorful Owl Nursery

This is a second, more colorful take on Landon’s original nursery ( ).  We spent his first year sharing a room at my parent’s house, and when he turned one we moved into a place of our own!  I kept most of the same things but changed and added a few things.
In the original nursery I really wanted to use a bright, fun paint color for the walls but it didn’t really work with the decal I chose.  So in the new nursery I made sure to chose the paint color first and the wall decal second.
Basically, it is his original nursery perfected :)
(I also included pictures of his bathroom decor since it’s connected to his room and it goes with the theme.)

Baby Landon’s Owl Nursery

Since I’m going to be a single mom, I decided it was best to live with my parents at their house.  They were nice enough to let me have a room in the house to create a nursery in.  Somehow almost everything in the nursery turned into a DIY project and my mom and I have been working for the last several months to get everything together.  She’s very creative and talented at sewing and has helped bring out my crafty side as well! Designing the nursery has been an experience I will always treasure because it truly brought my mom and I closer. :)