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Eques -Tween Bedroom


Client: Anna is ten and has the biggest heart with a special place for her little brother and animals. She has also been very patient with us while we renovate her little brothers room, our master bed & bath, kids bath, kitchen and have now moved outside this summer to completely remodel the exterior of our home.

Inspiration: HORSES. Anna lives in a horse community with many of the homes also having acreages complete with horse barns, riding arenas and miles of horse trails that wind through the backyards of all the homes. While she doesn't have her own horse she has ridden by our home on various occasions during riding lessons she takes from a neighbor.

Budget: $$, Space needs new closet doors, windows, paint, ceiling fan, trim, molding, bedding, work station and decor.

Style: Equestrian, Cozy, Chic

See full room makeover on the YouthfulNest site here.